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This is a quotes article made for notable quotations only.
Please use Template:Quote on each line.

Ah, you foolish boy. Without full body armor you're weak.

—"Blood Under the Skin"

Good luck exposing your soft, vanilla-strawberry skin to the elements, dork. Later, losers.

What's the matter, crimson-cheeks? Feeling a little embarrassed in the Swamp of Embarrassment? You're so red you look like a tomato!

Armor. [Clicks tongue twice]

Look at you losers. Finn, you don't have any armor and your friend is dressed like a lady. So not [Clicks tongue twice].

I am more [Clicks tongue twice] than all of you!

Ah, no problem. I'll just prop myself up on this stick!
Argh! Splinter!

—"Blood Under the Skin"

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