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This is a quotes article made for notable quotations only.
Please use Template:Quote on each line.

Season 1

He's held us here for weeks, questioning us about our favorite sports and quirky behavior. We've tried to tell him as little as possible.

—"Prisoners of Love"

Thank you for saving us, Finn.

—"Prisoners of Love"

And remember when you said you'd vow to marry us to the thing of our choosing? Well, I'd like to marry you.

—"Prisoners of Love"

Oh, gross! Put me down! PUT ME DOWN!!!!

—"Prisoners of Love"

Season 2

Excuse me for approaching you, sir. You just seem so approachable.

—"Loyalty to the King"

Tell me about yourself.

—"Loyalty to the King"

Oh, a Nice King.

—"Loyalty to the King"

Season 5

Please, Finn. I know I've crushed on you in the past, but I have no intention of locking this down. Our marriage will be in name only.

—"Love Games"

We're here. Welcome to my little oasis in the wasteland.

—"Love Games"

Wrap those gorgeous pythons around me!

—"Love Games"

Season 6

I can't just pop out eggs on demand! I'm an artisan!

—"Princess Day"

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