Smudge makes his first appearance in the episode "Apple Thief." He is a gingerbread man bodyguard working with Jaybird's gang. He threatens Finn, Jake, and Tree Trunks when they come to the alley behind the Candy Tavern asking about "apples" (diamonds). When Wormo suggests feeding Finn, Jake, and Tree Trunks to the pig, Smudge agrees, saying, "Yeah. The pig" (his only dialogue). He has a very low, intimidating voice. Despite Mr. Pig's claims that the criminals were "making him" eat the others, he nonetheless appears as Mr. Pig's best man at his wedding to Tree Trunks in the episode "Apple Wedding."


He is a large gingerbread man. He is dark purple with three dots as buttons that are blue, green, and red, and has squinted eyes. He has a light purple colored outlining on some of his body. His head is proportionally larger than most gingerbread men on the show. He may also be a reference to Diamonds Droog, a character from Homestuck.