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Waving Snail
Species Snail
Introduced in "Slumber Party Panic"

The Snail is a character that hides in all episodes, usually seen waving at the screen. His cameos are a running gag. In the episode "Mortal Folly," the Lich possesses him to break the Lich free. However, in "Mortal Recoil," Princess Bubblegum (possessed), passes the Lich into him.

The Lich

Snail S2E24-tr

The Snail, spellbound by the Lich

While the Snail was just a running gag at first, he eventually became an integral part of the story when he released the Lich in the episode "Mortal Folly." The Snail comes out of Finn's bag to wave to the viewers, but then falls under the Lich's mind-control spell and breaks the amber prison by bashing it with his head. He appears at the end of "Mortal Recoil," still being controlled by the Lich.

At the end of "In Your Footsteps," the Snail speaks for the first time and gains The Enchiridion. The Snail still continues to appear in each episode, and (when examined closely) appears to still have green eyes and an evil expression on its face. The possessed snail was voiced by Pendleton Ward.[1]

Season 1

The tables below list the Snail's known whereabouts.

Episode Description Picture
Slumber Party Panic On top of a Candy Person's head. Snail S1E1
Trouble in Lumpy Space According to Pen's Formspring, they dropped the ball on this episode, and the original airing of the episode went without them putting the Snail. They claimed they would add the Snail in for reruns.[2] The snail is now seen behind lumpy Jake on a streamer at prom-coming just after Finn falls through the building. TroubleInLumpySpace
Prisoners of Love Next to Slime Princess when she says, "Yay!" This is the first close-up of the Snail. Snail S1E3
Tree Trunks On Tree Trunks' picnic blanket. Snail S1E4
The Enchiridion! Next to Princess Bubblegum when Finn saves her from hitting the ground. Snail S1E5
The Jiggler In the red liquid next to the mama Jiggler during a close-up. Snail S1E6
Ricardio the Heart Guy On the dance floor nearby Slime Princess. Snail S1E7
Business Time On the Gauntlet Dock when the Businessmen are working on it. Snail S1E8
My Two Favorite People On the lake shore behind Finn. Snail S1E9
Memories of Boom Boom Mountain On a table next to Jake. Snail S1E10
Wizard On the stage right after "LEVEL 31!" Snail S1E11
Evicted! Three times during the House Hunting Song as Finn and Jake walk towards the camera (akin to the repeated appearance of background as characters walk by it as used as a method for animating less). This episode shows the Snail the most number of times. Snail S1E12
City of Thieves Jake makes a snail-shaped imprint on his belly shortly after meeting Penny. It is seen when he turns back around. It was made after he was trying to make a shape out of his belly. Snail S1E13
The Witch's Garden On the grass next to the Two-Headed Goose when the Tree Fort is first shown. Snail S1E14
What is Life? On the floor after Ice-o-pede attacks Ice King. Snail S1E15
Ocean of Fear On the wall of the ruins in the middle of the ocean that Finn flies to using Jake's ears. Snail S1E16
When Wedding Bells Thaw By the back of the Tree Fort when Ice King is wondering if he's at the right address. Snail S1E17
Dungeon Pops up very briefly when Finn falls into the soup inside the cage. He might have fallen out of Finn's pack. Snail S1E18
The Duke By the tree when the Duke of Nuts lays down his cape for the family of ducks/quails. Also on the newspaper when the Squirrel looks through the articles. Snail S1E19
Freak City On the bridge when the Rump People throw Finn under it. Snail S1E20
Donny On the left side of the screen when Donny was squeezing eggs out of the chickens at the barn person. Snail S1E21
Henchman Under the Duke of Nuts' chair when he says, "Oh, how wonderful!" Snail S1E22
Rainy Day Daydream Beside Finn and Jake when they're talking to BMO. Snail S1E23
What Have You Done? On the floor next to Ice King's bed. Snail S1E24
His Hero Hiding behind the gruel pot after Cobbler confronts Finn about the stone-skin potion filled gruel. Snail S1E25
Gut Grinder On the ground when the mayor of the Spiky People is thanking Finn. Snail S1E26

Season 2

Episode Description Picture
It Came from the Nightosphere A spirit version of the Snail appears in one of Marceline's Father's soul sacks near Lumpy Space Princess. Snail S2E1
The Eyes Is visible very briefly when Jake is talking about capturing the bandito. Snail S2E2
Loyalty to the King Very briefly appears near the door when Lumpy Space Princess first enters the "Nice King's" room. Snail S2E3
Blood Under the Skin This episode began with no snail appearing in it. However, they have added in a snail in the Swamp of Embarrassment at the base of the tree next to the woman and her baby showering who call Finn a pervert. 124px
Storytelling On the leaf falling down by the tree house, and also on the leaf when it lands in the forest. This is the second time the Snail was seen clearly on the show, but it was the first time he was used in the plot. Snail S2E5
Slow Love By the bottle on the table next to Finn and Jake while they demonstrate to Snorlock how to talk to the ladies. 124px
Power Animal On the broken TV next to the Nymphs while Jake is walking up to them. Snail S2E7
Crystals Have Power By the table when Finn walks up to the crystal while it's glowing. 124px
The Other Tarts In the window when Cinnamon Bun says, "Hey!" Snail S2E9
To Cut a Woman's Hair Next to Finn when he screams after he looks at Princess Beautiful. Snail S2E10
The Chamber of Frozen Blades On the ground when Finn puts on his sweater outside the Ice King's castle. Snail S2E11
Her Parents On the table when Ethel and Bob talk with Jake. 124px
The Pods On top of the small house built by Finn, Jake, and the pigs. 124px
The Silent King In the background when the thief is stealing hot buns. Snail S2E14
The Real You Under the grill when Princess Bubblegum dumps coal on it. 124px
Guardians of Sunshine In the entrance of the Tree Fort when the Guardians of Sunshine monsters escape and push Finn and Jake out of the house wall. 124px
Death in Bloom Behind the house in Veggie Village. Snail S2E17
Susan Strong Standing by the garbage where the hyoomens are hiding. 124px
Mystery Train In the kitchen on the floating light in the train. 124px
Go With Me Inside the windscreen of the wrecked bus at the movies. Snail S2E20
Belly of the Beast Just to the right of the DJ Bear the first time he appears on-screen and he is between DJ Bear and a bent down green bear. 124px
The Limit On the pile of rocks on the left side of the screen when Jake is moving the block into the hole. 124px
Video Makers In the tree on the right side of the screen right before Finn warns Slime Princess not to fall into the water. 124px
Mortal Folly The Snail makes a prominent appearance emerging from Finn's backpack, becoming possessed by the Lich and freeing him from his amber prison. 124px
Mortal Recoil The Snail appears in the episode title card and in the final scene of the episode, still possessed by the Lich.



Heat Signature The snail appears only once; the object mistaken for the snail when Marceline is teaching them to walk like vampires is just an aluminum can. The snail is in the background behind a tire as Finn and Jake are trying to scare Lumpy Space Princess because they think they're invisible. Snail S2E26

Season 3

In season three, the snail is still possessed by the Lich in every cameo appearance.

Episode Description Picture
Conquest of Cuteness In hut in the background when BMO is taking pictures of the Cuties. Snail S3E1
Morituri Te Salutamus In the rocks on the right side of the screen when Finn and Jake first enter the Arena. Snail S3E2
Memory of a Memory Hanging upside-down from the top of a lamp in Marceline's house when she is first found. 124px
Hitman On the stump that Finn and Jake trip over. Potentially the third time the snail has influenced the plot, as it is somewhat implied the lich-possessed snail caused them to trip. Snail S3E4
Too Young Behind the dancing blue candy citizen. 124px
The Monster In the field, when Lumpy Space Princess emerges from the windmill and gets called a "monster." 124px
Still On the top of a door frame when Ice King and Gunter fight with the bottle. Snail S3E7
Wizard Battle In the Grand Master Wizard's sleeve when he's playing with his cat. Snail S3E8
Fionna and Cake On the ceiling, when Prince Gumball is decorating it with Jelly Kinders Snail S3E9
What Was Missing On Marceline's stove, on the handle of a pot. Snail S3E10
Apple Thief On the stool behind the angry cookie guy in the Candy Tavern. Snail S3E11
The Creeps On the stairs in the background. Snail S3E12
From Bad to Worse In the window all the way to the right, right after the zombies get flying powers from Finn's antidote. 124px
Beautopia On the back of the chair as Finn chants "Hazelnut!". Snail S3E14
No One Can Hear You On a garbage heap. 120px
Jake vs. Me-Mow Near the dead bull. 120px
Thank You On a tree branch when the snow golem's walking to gather fruit. 120px
The New Frontier On the door of the ship. 120px
Holly Jolly Secrets Part One On the hill. 120px
Holly Jolly Secrets Part Two The Snail prominently appears as a non-cameo minor character. He is shown when Shelby says his name and continues to appear at the end during shots of the gang. Snail S3E20
Marceline's Closet Near the ladder. 120px
Paper Pete On the top left table. 120px
Another Way On the rim of the bridge. 120px
Ghost Princess Next to the corpse of "some donkus". Snail S3E24
Dad's Dungeon On the boat. 120px
Incendium On the painting on Finn's wall. Snail S3E26

Season 4

In season 4, the possessed snail is still making cameo appearances, but it played a major part in the episode, "In Your Footsteps."

Episode Description Picture
Hot to the Touch Behind the box at the moment that NEPTR is singing. 124px
Five Short Graybles When the Ice King is washing off Gunter's stench. 124px
Web Weirdos On the web next to Ed after Jake is tied up. In the TV episode, the Cartoon Network logo covers the snail up. Snail S4E3
Dream of Love On the ground next to the Pig during his song solo. 124px
Return to the Nightosphere Near Hunson Abadeer's statue in the prison. 124px
Daddy's Little Monster Under some demons in line as Finn and Jake enter the room with Hunson Abadeer (Marceline), just before running into the Line Demon. Snail S4E6

In Your Footsteps

On the ground with the partying Candy People at the beginning of the episode. He also appears, possessed by the Lich, at the end of the episode, taking the Enchiridion from the Bear. Snail S4E7S4e7 possessed snail in cave
Hug Wolf In the doorway of the tower behind Finn and Jake when they start picking up candy litter. Snail S4E8
Princess Monster Wife Between Bubblegum and Lumpy Space Princess when they go to talk to Finn and Jake. Snail S4E9
Goliad On a shelf in the preschool. Snail S4E10
Beyond this Earthly Realm On pedestal. Snail S4E11
Gotcha! Next to Finn when Lumpy Space Princess looks out the window and Finn is alone sitting on the log. Snail S4E12
Princess Cookie On top of the couch in the orphanage. 124px
Card Wars On top of the stove. 124px
Sons of Mars Top left corner in Magic Man's house when Finn and Jake crash. S4e15 Snail Circled
Burning Low Up in the door frame. 124px
BMO Noire On the stepping stone outside the house. 124px
King Worm

Appears on shelf near end when Finn says, "Get out of our house, King Worm!"

Lady & Peebles In the igloo when Princess Bubblegum says, "Let's roll." SnailLadyandPeebles
You Made Me! In the security room right beside the banana guards. S4e20 snail
Who Would Win The snail is seen when Finn is jump roping with Jake. S4e21 snail


Appearance in other media

  • In the game Righteous Quest 2, the snail appears a couple times in the game.
  • The Snail starred in its own FusionFall game: "Snail Quest."
  • The game Legends of Ooo uses snails as hints. Also, a slimy snail is used to free Slime Princess.
  • Issue 1 of the Adventure Time comic series begins with the Lich-controlled snail entering the Bag of Holding, which somehow allows the Lich to return to his old body.
  • In Issue 3 of the Adventure Time comic, the Snail makes two cameo appearances on top of a Snow Finn's head.
  • In Issue 4, the Snail appears in the background when Princess Bubblegum is thanking Finn, and is also seen on Marceline's lifeguard chair in the panel after the Great Mushroom War comic is shown.



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