This article is a transcript of the Adventure Time episode "Still" from season 3, which aired on August 22, 2011.

Tree Fort
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[The episode begins outside the Tree Fort with the sun rising behind it. Scene changes to Finn and Jake's bedroom. Finn is sleeping in his bed and snoring. He wakes up, yawns, and smacks his lips.]
Finn: [Sees Jake sitting in bed, staring at him] Wha—?! Jake, I told you to stop staring at me right at the time when I wake up.
Jake: I'm staring because I can't move my head.
Finn: [Laughs]
Jake: No, really, I can't move.
Finn: I can't move either.
Jake: What's happening?!
[A door is heard closing off screen.]
Finn: What? What was that? Who goes there?
Jake: Hey! Who is that?
Finn: Jake, use your peripheral vision!
Jake: [Straining] Ooooh... [sees Ice King] Ice King!
Ice King: [Enters room laughing] I shouldn't be laughing, I'm sorry. Oh, I know, I'll do the opposite. [Crying] Oh, boohoo. [Wipes away tears, grunts] Ah, this is weird.
Finn: What did you do to us, Ice King?
Ice King: Whoa, whoa. I didn't "do" anything to you, okay? C'mon, guys, I'm your friend.
Jake: So why can't we move?
Ice King: Ooh, because I froze you... with this. [Holds up Freezing Potion A]
Finn: [Reading bottle] Freezing Potion A.
Ice King: I sprayed it on you while you slept.
Gunter: [Jumping and grabbing at the bottle] Wenk! Wenk!
Ice King: No! Gunter, no! This one likes to break bottles, don't ya? [Ice King tucks bottle into his underwear] Tuck-ety tuck! Let's move to the living room.
[Scene changes to the living room. Ice King is vocalizing while carrying Finn and Jake. He places their stiff bodies in a chair.]
Jake: Why are you doing this, Ice King?
Ice King: Why? Oh, because I love you guys. But you don't love me, do ya?
Jake: You tried to kill us, like, four times.
Ice King: I only try to kill you 'cause you're princess-blocking me all the time! Anyway, now that you're frozen, we can bond and stuff. And the sooner we do, the sooner I can spray you with this. [Holds up Unfreezing Potion A]
Finn: [Reading bottle] Unfreezing Potion A?
Ice King: Ah, I underlined the "un" so I wouldn't mix 'em up.
Jake: Just unfreeze us now, man.
Finn: Yeah, 'cause we're already friends.
Ice King: We are?
Jake: Mm-hmm.
Ice King: What's my favorite color?
Finn: Uh, yellow? Orange? Blue—no, no, lavender! Lavender! Yeah!
Jake: Um, ooh, uh... rainbow?
Ice King: You don't love me. I know a lot about you guys. Jake, you don't put ice in your drink because you have sensitive teeth.
Jake: Wha—?
Ice King: And Finn, your favorite food is meatloaf.
Finn: How did you—?
Ice King: And Jake, sometimes you don't cry because you're afraid of real emotion. It's okay. Let it out. [Jake sheds a single tear] You don't love me— [Gunter knocks bottle out of Ice King's hand while quacking. Ice King fumbles it a couple times but eventually catches it.] Bad penguin!
Gunter: [Slaps Ice King lightly] Wenk!
[Ice King places both bottles on a high shelf and locks the corks with a key.]
Finn: You lock your bottles?
Ice King: Huh, in this economy? [Drops key into underwear] Ah, I'm gonna go make some lemonade. [Walks off]
Jake: Don't touch my lemons, Ice King! Ice King!
Finn: [Afraid] Jake, look!
[Gunter is seen climbing up boxes to the shelf.]
Jake: [Gasps] Gunter! No, Gunter! No!
Finn: No, Gunter, no!
Gunter: Wenk! [Walks over to the bottles and starts clinking them together]
Finn: No, Gunter! No!
Jake: No! Gunter! No!
[Finn and Jake moan in anticipation of the bottles breaking as Gunter continues clinking the bottles.]
Finn: Gunter, stop!
Gunter: Wenk, wenk!
Jake: What're we gonna do?!
Finn: [Eyes widen] When someone loses one sense, their other senses are enhanced—like a blind man who can smell and hear really well. I'm gonna try using my now-enhanced brain sense to make contact with an Astral Beast who will help us.
Jake: What?
[Finn closes his eyes. Scene changes to Astral Plane, where Finn is seen clothed in white, floating.]
Finn: Whee! Haha! Whee! Astral Beast, come to me!
[Scene changes back to living room. Finn is still in the chair with his eyes closed.]
Finn: [Quietly] Come to me, Astral Beast...
[Ice King reenters, carrying a tray with a jug of lemonade and two cups on it in one hand and a bag in the other.]
Ice King: I've got lemonade! You want some, Jake?
[Jake stares at Ice King. Ice King slurps lemonade from pitcher. Gunter is heard clinking the bottles again.]
Ice King: Huh? Gunter... [takes Gunter off the shelf and places him on the floor] No, Gunter! No bottles. Look at me.
Gunter: Wenk!
Ice King: [Laughs] What am I gonna do with you? [Laughs, conjures a leash made of ice] You're going to have to wear a leash. [Puts leash on Gunter, conjures Hand Snow Golem, hands leash to him] This should keep you out of trouble. [Turns to Finn and Jake] Now, our first bonding activity will be walking in each other's shoes—so to speak. To better understand each other's perspectives, we're going to dress up like each other. Me first!
[Ice King rips off his sleeves, takes black marker out of bag and draws shoes on his bare feet, ties his robe, fashions his beard to look like Finn's hat, and creates an ice backpack on his back.]
Ice King: [Imitating Finn] It's adventure time! I'll save you, Princess! Let's have babies, Princess, and let's teach them to be good babies! Oh, Princess, sure, I'll kiss you. I'm a hero. Hey Finn, don't you think it's weird there's two Finns? Finn? [pats Finn's chest] Not talking? Now, I'm gonna dress like Jake. [starts taking his shirt off]
Jake: Noooo! No, no, no, no, no!
Ice King: Okay, okay! We'll bond in another way.
[Scene changes to Ice King holding a slide projector. He places it on a table.]
Ice King: So, I wanted to show you something telling of my soul. I take artful black and white photographs of my penguins' body parts. Photography is art; let's see some art. [Switches on projector] Okay, first one. See how Gunter is staring into the camera? He's saying, "Here I am. Look at me. Accept me." Okay, second one. [Changes slide] This is a haunting image of a penguin's flipper. Look at how it penetrates the negative space. Oh yes, this one is very—
Jake: I can't take this any more! Dang it, Finn! What are you doing in there?
[Scene changes back to Astral Plane.]
Finn: Astral Beast! Where are you? You come here NOW! [Finn spins away] Wheee...!
[Scene changes back to living room.]
Ice King: ...Yeah, I've thought about it a lot, and having a little gallery show might be nice. A little cheese, a little cider... could be nice, y'know? [Key falls out of Ice King's underwear] Maybe bring a veggie plate? I think people would appreciate that.
Jake: [Quietly] Key! Gunter. Gunter. Psst! Pssssst. Come here, Gunter. [Makes kissing noises.]
[Gunter is held back by Hand Snow Golem but breaks free and walks over to the key.]
Ice King: [Clicks slide and continues commenting, oblivious] This next one is very rewarding...
Jake: [Whispering] Grab it, Gunter. Pick it up! [Gunter reaches for the key] Pick it up!! [Gunter gets closer] What are you waiting for? Just grab it!
[Gunter touches the key but turns and sees the bottles on the shelf.]
Gunter: Wenk. [Walks towards shelf] Wenk, wenk. Wenk, wenk, wenk, wenk, wenk.
Jake: [Quietly] Gunter! Come back.
Ice King: Gunter!
Gunter: [Turns around] Weeenk.
Ice King: [Picking up Gunter] You are being naughty, Gunter. You've interrupted my thing. [Carries Gunter to the middle of the living room and sets him down by Finn and Jake] Now you stay right here and go to sleep. [Gunter flaps his flippers] Sleep. [Gunter falls asleep and starts snoring] Aw. So cute. Alright, back to art.
Jake: [Quietly] Gunter. Gunter, wake up. [Gunter wakes up] Go... get... the... key. [Gunter starts playing with Jake's ears and jowls.] Consarn it, Gunter!
Ice King: Okay, time for a break. Who wants lemonade? [Ice King starts walking toward kitchen and steps on the key.] Ooh, don't want to lose this. [Puts key back, sees Gunter playing with Jake] Gunter! Jake! No! You're bonding without me.
Gunter: Wenk.
[Scene changes to Gunter in a cage in Finn and Jake's bedroom. Finn and Jake are in their beds.]
Ice King: [Closing cage] It's for your own good, sweetie. [Walks to the middle of the room] Now then. [Unfolds a cot]
Jake: Wait, you're sleeping up here?!
Ice King: Well... [giggles] not before our next bonding activity: late-night gab session! Do you want to talk about girls? Do you have a crush on anyone?
Jake: Uh, yeah, my girlfriend? Lady Rainicorn?
Ice King: Ohhhhhh! Don't worry, I won't tell anyone. [Laughs] Know who I have a crush on? [Whispers] Princess Bubblegum.
Jake: [Sarcastically] You don't say.
Ice King: Oh, I do. I've liked her for quite some time. Feels weird to say it out loud. [Starts snoring]
Jake: What? [Groans] He fell asleep with his eyes open. Finn! Finn, snap out of it!
[Scene changes back to Astral Plane.]
Finn: Astral Beast! WHERE ARE YOU? Show yourself! Why not? Does this dance please you, Astral Beast? [Starts dancing] Does this please you?!
[Astral Plane starts changing and warping. Strange whooshing sounds are heard.]
[Scene changes back to bedroom.]
Finn: [Opens eyes] The Astral Beast cometh.
[Scene changes to outside view of Tree Fort, showing the sun rising. Scene changes back to bedroom.]
Ice King: [(Still dressed up as Finn) Crows like a rooster, laughs] Who's "hungie"? Jake, you "hungie"?
Jake: I'm hungry.
Ice King: Alright, fair enough. Well, how 'bout I make us some omelettes?
Jake: That sounds pretty good, actually.
Ice King: I'm gonna put my foot in it. Eating a part of me will bring us closer together. [Playing with Jake's feet] I'll be inside of you! [Laughs]
[Ice King leaves the room. Butterflies start to enter through the window and surround Finn, who is now awake.]
Jake: Dude, you're back!
Finn: Yup. I just got back from the Astral Plane!
Jake: Where's your Astral Beast?
Finn: It's on its way. It's gonna be awesome.
Jake: What kind of beast?
Finn: Uh, I'm not sure. I couldn't see it in the Astral Plane. But I heard it. It sounded really intense. [Blows away a butterfly] Maybe a gorilla?
Jake: A gorilla, huh? [Butterfly lands on Jake's nose.]
Finn: Aw, junk! Did I summon butterflies?! [Sighs] I'm the worst.
Jake: Hey, come on now, you're not the worst.
Finn: Yeah, I am.
Jake: No, you're not! You're the best!
Finn: being the worst.
Jake: [Strains]
Finn: What are you doing?
Jake: I'm using my enhanced brain sense to tell your astral beast to slap some sense into you.
Finn: Oh. That's cool. I deserve it.
Jake: [Strains] No... you... don't!
[Butterflies form a hand and slap Finn. Finn and Jake have an epiphany. Scene changes to kitchen where Ice King is cracking an egg into a pan.]
Ice King: [Putting foot into pan] Well, I don't want to use too much foot. It'll overpower the eggs. Take away from the omelette. [Butterfly flies toward him.] Huh? Aah!
[Finn and Jake enter kitchen, carried by butterflies.]
Ice King: Finn! and Jake! and a bunch of butterflies! and a sword!
[Sword carried by butterflies hits Ice King's crown and makes his hair go back to normal.]
Ice King: What do you want from me?
Finn: What do we wa—? We want you to unfreeze us, you lunatic!
Ice King: No! We're not friends yet. You haven't eaten my omelette. [Butterflies slap him repeatedly.]
Finn: Friends don't eat each other, Ice King. That's not how friends work. Now unlock this bottle and unfreeze us.
[Butterflies carry in a bottle.]
Ice King: Oh, alright. I don't know how you're doing this, but it is impressive.
[Ice King unlocks bottle and sprays its contents on Finn and Jake, who fall to the floor, along with the butterflies.]
Ice King: Wait a minute... which bottle is thi—? [Sprays himself and falls to the floor] I think they brought me the wrong bottle. Gunter's still upstairs. [Calling] Gunter! Gunter! Gunter! Gunter!!
[Scene changes to bedroom where Gunter in on the windowsill with Unfreezing Potion A. He pushes it off and it shatters on the ground outside. Gunter starts dancing.]

Episode ends