Super Porp Mutants are a species of mutants which originate from Super Porp Soda. They used to work in a factory for their boss, Cheryl, who is also a Super Porp Mutant. They produce Super Porp and appear in the Super Porp Factory in multiple lines of production. Several of them have been killed or mutated by Susan Strong's intrusion into the factory.


Their skin is purple and they seem to have slime or bent legs. They are mutants and come in many different purple shape-forms. Many of the workers where a plain dark pink shirt and wear net caps on their head.

List of Super Porp MutantsEdit

Super Porp Mutant #1Edit

Super Porp Mutant -1

Super Porp Mutant #1

One of the workers in the Super Porp Factory. It also asked Susan where her hair net was like she worked there and also put a warning so everyone would attack Susan. It was flung by Susan towards another mutant after she infiltrated the factory.

Super Porp Mutant 2Edit

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Super Porp Mutant #2

Another one of the workers in the Super Porp Factory.

Super Porp Mutant 3Edit

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Super Porp Mutant #3

A worker in the Super Porp Factory. It was flung by Susan towards a wall and had its back spikes penetrated into the wall and fell unconscious.

Super Porp Mutant 4Edit

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Super Porp Mutant #4

Another worker in the Super Porp Factory. It pulled Susan into one of the Super Porp brewing pots and started to strangle her in the huge pot underwater. Susan then punches it in the face and it supposedly drowns.

Super Porp Mutants fusedEdit

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Super Porp Mutants Melted Together

Several Super Porp workers were melted together after a fight between Susan and them. The result ended up with the seven or more of the workers melted together.

Super Porp Dog MutantEdit

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Super Porp Dog

A dog mutant is seen when Susan enters a big room in the factory. It attacks Susan, but she manages to stop and restrain it.



Former boss

Cheryl is the mascot of Super Porp and the head of the Super Porp Factory. Cheryl is prominently featured on her company's vending machines and is also featured on a fountain inside the Super Porp factory. She is likely the last of the Super Porp mascots after Susan Strong defeats her in "Dark Purple."