T.V. is a dog/shape-shifter/rainicorn hybrid and one of Jake and Lady Rainicorn's five children.


As a child he was as carefree and playful like his siblings. As an adult he is portrayed as the stereotype of the overweight, unshaven computer nerd who still lives with his mother. He showed no desire to leave his mother's house and liked to spend time by himself with his games. This was until Lady Rainicorn of the Crystal Dimension, where he now lives in the Crystal Dimension with his grandparents Bob and Ethel as a bizarre way of gaining independence in his eyes.

As seen in The Diary and later confirmed by Jake, is that T.V. has the ability to play out any role and truly believe he is that person.


T.V. has the body of an English bulldog much like his father, Jake, but is much rounder and does not have his father's jowls. T.V.'s nose is also bright purple instead of black. He is a pastel blue color with horizontal colored stripes on the lower half of his body like his mother, Lady Rainicorn. He also has a single, small, sharply-pointed, white horn on the top of his head. In "Jake Suit," T.V. is seen to have grown purple stubble under his mouth and thick eyebrows similar to his uncle.


  • T.V. has the ability to teleport from one place to another.
  • He can also change colors with his horn, like his mom.
  • Unlike his mother and three of his other siblings he seems to lack the ability to fly and is seen constantly being carried by Charlie.
  • T.V. can glow his horn for light, seen in "The Diary."

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  • It is revealed in "Jake Suit" that he still lived with Lady Rainicorn.
    • He also appears to speak English in the same episode.
    • He even says he is covered by 'Noobs' in Ocarina, a word often used by gamers.
  • TV notes in "Ocarina," "I love Dad, but he's only met me twice," referring to his two previous appearances as an adult in "Jake Suit" and "Apple Wedding". Actually it was three times, if you count "Jake the Dad" one could argue he didn't remember, being a puppy, but they were smart enough to speak full sentences and aware that Jake needed rescuing then.
  • As with two of the other pups, his name is possibly a reference to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, where three of the protagonists names were Charlie Bucket (Charlie), Violet Beauregarde (Viola), and Mike Teavee (T.V.). 
  • His voice actor, Dan Mintz, is the second cast member from Bob's Burgers to appear on Adventure Time, the first being Kristen Schaal. They also play siblings in both shows.
  • T.V. has made the most appearances out of all his siblings.


수학! [suhag!]

—"Jake the Dad"

아빠 몸체이동! [abba momche idong!]
Move Dad Into Body!

—"Jake the Dad"

무지개 뱅! [mujigae baeng!]
Rainbow Bang!

—"Jake the Dad"

Hey dad? Why don't you try jumping into a volcano?

—"Jake Suit"

Ugh. I'm covered in noobs.


Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrraahh! Mom, when are we gonna eat?! I'm going nuts!.



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