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What does this song implicate?

Spartan-112: The Unforgiven 00:42, September 25, 2011 (UTC)

That Marceline thinks PB has a pretty face...? The Master's Voice 12:21, October 8, 2011 (UTC)
That answer is irrelevant and possibly incorrect; please try again. Spartan-112: The Unforgiven 23:43, October 10, 2011 (UTC)
It implicates\tells us that: they had some sort of relationship in the past. This could have been a friendly relationship, like two friends who hang out together. Or it could have been a romantic relationship, which some people totally seem to dig and others detest for some reason. Whatever it was, it is now over. Either way, we're not sure and so I cannot give you a definite answer. What does become clear by this song is that PB and Marceline knew each other from before, and that they had a falling out at some point, as evidenced by lyrics such as:
"But I shouldn’t have to be the one that makes up with you"
In the end of the episode, it becomes clear that Marceline once gave Princess Bubblegum a t-shirt, maybe at a concert - perhaps PB is secretly into rock-music? We just don't know, we can only guess. You can only explain so much in 11-minute episodes. Is this a better answer, Spartan? The Master's Voice 09:07, October 12, 2011 (UTC)
I don't think this song means that Marceline is in love, was in love, or had any kind of a romantic relationship with PB. When Marceline says "I'm gonna drink the red from your pretty pink face"; a lot of people say things like that when they're angry or even jealous of someone. Haven't you ever seen someone say something like this before?
"Oh, anyone with eyes can see how pretty you are, because you're so wonderfully perfect!" (in a sarcastic manner)
I have. And no, I'm not some kind of homophobe. I'm just saying that certain assumptions are much less likely than others. Also, I'm not a native to this Wiki (but instead from the neighboring Avatar Wiki over yonder), so I don't think I have a talk page here (if this Wiki has talk pages). Don't bother looking for me. --Krazykid51 13:33, October 12, 2011 (UTC)
That's a valid point you are making, Krazykid51. Still, I don't believe jealousy or sarcasm instantly rules out any romantic feelings. Sarcasm could be the result of Marceline having her feelings hurt in some way, which doesn't mean she hates the princess. They don't exactly have what I would call matching personalities or interests, which would explain why whatever relationship there may have been was short-lived.
Lyrics like:
"Am I not sweet enough for you?"
are, in my opinion, examples of more deeper feelings on the part of Marceline. She could of course also be hurt because of a deep friendship that once excisted and that is now over. Regardless of the nature of this relationship, they both apparantly wish to reconsile, maybe they miss each other. Princess Bubblegum did say she kept the shirt Marceline gave her, and that it means a lot to her, which apparantly suprises Marceline. I think there is just as much evidence hinting at a romantic relationship then there is hinting at a friendly one. The Master's Voice 13:55, October 12, 2011 (UTC)

Hmm... I never took those lyrics into the picture. Even so, I kinda think what Marceline meant when she said that was hinting multiple things:

1. First and foremost, that she thinks that PB is a goody-goody "sweet" schoolgirl kind of person, the antithesis of herself.

2. She was relating the above characteristic to PB's literal form, which is none other than bubblegum. Bubblegum is, obviously, sweet (being delicious, sugary gum as it is), and Marceline may have called PB sweet solely as a device for her song.

Either way, your closing statement was entirely correct. There is no way to tell (yet!) whether or not Marceline and PB were ever really romantically involved with each other, or just have a lot of arguably conclusive evidence to support that opinion that is really just coincidence. --Krazykid51 16:43, October 12, 2011 (UTC)

A little theory of mine, that may be a little far-fetched, is that there are also clues to be found in other, older episodes. Take Go With Me for example. In this episode, Finn wants to go to the couples-only movie night with Princess Bubblegum. As he "isn't good at talking with the ladies", as he says it, he asks Jake and Marceline for help. Marceline gives him pretty bad advice, let's him do ridiculous things such as wrestling her, and having her be chased by wolves. Some people have argued that she may have wanted sabotage Finn's plans this way. She is also the first (and only) person to call PB by her first name, Bonnibel. There are definetely signs, although Marceline isn't in many episodes and has the least appearances of almost all main characters. The Marceline+Princess Bubblegum shipping stuff already excisted before the What Was Missing episode, it's just that recently, because of that episode, it has been given a boost. But I agree with you if you say that there isn't enough evidence to be sure yet. And maybe there never will be, who knows. Sometimes, people see what they want to see, but in this case, there is plenty to be seen, if you look closely. But all evidence is, more or less, circumstantial. :D The Master's Voice 17:37, October 12, 2011 (UTC)
PS: I am pretty sure that most of the things I say and most of the things you say, have already been said before by others. There has been major discussion about this already and all the pro's and con's have been discussed. And I am not saying I am an expert at all - quite the opposite. The Master's Voice 17:40, October 12, 2011 (UTC)
Don't worry, I'm not trying to beat you at anything. I was just having a debate. And yeah, I can see where you're coming from with the Go With Me stuff, but I attributed Marceline's doings in that episode to her personality. Although, if you tie its events to the "evidence" in What Was Missing, things do seem a bit more convincing. I'd still like to see more of a backstory, though. It's obvious that one of them (Bubblegum or Marceline) said or did something to the other, something warranting an apology. If that story is ever explored in detail (if there is even a story at all), I'm sure that everything will unravel. --Krazykid51 20:16, October 12, 2011 (UTC)
I don't even think the crew has any intentions for things to unravel... I mean, if they keep it vague they will be able to get more laughs out of it by keeping alive the possibility. There are other very gay funny moments in the show too like when Jake tells his hero Billy "he has a secret crush on him" or when Ice King writes a fanfiction about everyone genderswapped... Because it was all joking, nobody cared. But when "What Was Missing" aired and the recap afterwards, things went pretty crazy because people took it way to seriously. I think the controversy would still have been there but the Mathematical video blew it out of proportion. It confirmed what some people already thought, and focused many viewers attention on scenes they otherwise wouldn't have looked at in this way.
Since Marceline is a thousend years old and "lost track of her moral code", who knows she's done and what she's into? Something that counters the whole lesbian theory is the fact that she had a relationship with Ash at some point. But that still doesn't mean she and Bubblegum cannot have been together.
Personally, I think there probably is a story to tell but I don't think it'll ever be told. Not any time soon, in any case. The Master's Voice 20:35, October 12, 2011 (UTC)
You're probably right in the way that the story (again, if there is a story) will not be revealed on the show; it may be revealed through another method. --Krazykid51 19:02, October 13, 2011 (UTC)
There definetely is a story. You gotta draw the line somewhere, and this just goes beyond merely "coincidence". But the story may be completely different from my theory, of course. There is only one thing certain in Ooo, and that is that nothing is certain. The Master's Voice 19:15, October 13, 2011 (UTC)
I think that there are two possibilities (hypothetically typing): the story could've originally been the PBxMarceline romantic relationship, but has been changed due to the current circumstances (which is the story I don't take much stock in), or that the story was and still is focused on Marceline's obvious (not romantic) backstory with PB. Your guess is as good as mine. --Krazykid51 19:59, October 13, 2011 (UTC)
But as of now, it's still only that: a guess. :) The Master's Voice 21:08, October 13, 2011 (UTC)
And it probably will be for a long time :\ --Krazykid51 22:03, October 13, 2011 (UTC)
Or not. Spartan-112: The Unforgiven 22:12, October 13, 2011 (UTC)
This debate seems to have come to a standstill. Farewell, sir of great persuasion technique. You have yet to defeat... ME! Seriously, though, just kidding. When something else happens that can effect it, I will return to debate this story again. --Krazykid51 18:54, October 14, 2011 (UTC)==Video Taken Down==

I think it should be noted that whomever uploaded this video to youtube was banned and the video has been blocked. A new video may be needed.

You fought well, sir knight, now I throw in the towel. :)
I dunno if I have a "great persuasion technique" but I tried, hehe. At least now most of the pro's and con's are on one page, in one central discussion. That's a good thing. :D The Master's Voice 19:17, October 14, 2011 (UTC)
Well I am a fan of adventure when I speak Spanish and sorry if you do not understand something use google translator
 the princess bubblegum and marceline have known before but apparently the princess bubblegum marceline does not like the question is: why? As seen in the comic scream queens princess bubblegum to get back in office is one less person in compacional etc ... if a different person. Not being in office marceline princess and come make even good friends but that point not being in office, as bonnibel marceline princess does not like just so that their only goal is to take care of his people, the shirt bp may not have been delivered in the comic that the song I'm just your problem is in the list of songs to be sung at concerts, marceline we can also see in the episode comes to see me marceline pb well eventhough it bp has a bad attitude against it (good if you play a joke but that's normal in Marceline), Marceline wants to reconcile with pb but she knows that she really has not done anything wrong then she should not be the be reconciled (as seen in the episode what was missing), as I think it's sweet to pricesa should have known when I was maybe girl and after obtaining the post this friendship and perhaps separated by pb retains this shirt that reminds the time in amusing himself without worrying about their responsibilities 
first of all the truth I do not think it's more than just a friendship (although admittedly I literally love the yuri love)
second but not think it's more than friendship truth no one knows what they have in mind when producers adventure (what we see in episodes like all the little peopple or the hard easy)
'  ' Nelsykp (talk) 18:45, March 28, 2013 (UTC)


The first lyrics are part of the song.Chubzhac 20:43, September 30, 2011 (UTC)

About the last sentence in the opening paragraph...

Can somebody translate it? Into, you know, English? P+F Joey 02:22, November 5, 2011 (UTC)

The final few lines raise questions of her true feelings, implying that, while her frustrations are genuine, so is her desire to reconcile.
Do you mean this? felinoel ~ (Talk) 06:12, November 5, 2011 (UTC)
YeahJoeisawesome (talk) 00:15, July 25, 2012 (UTC)
Dude, it's a pretty simple sentence. It basically means "Although she's mad she would like to make 'friends'." CheeseBurgerCheezburger CheeseBurger 00:01, July 30, 2012 (UTC)

broken vid.

The video is broken. Thought you should know Beemo icon by fionnaandcake247-d4hclu0Let's be friendsBeemo icon by fionnaandcake247-d4hclu0 22:07, July 31, 2012 (UTC)

Why not find a new one on Youtube and edit the page?
You Can't Fight the Homestuck!

You Can't Fight the Homestuck!

. ƒelinoel_Scraft
14:07, August 1, 2012 (UTC)

I would but I'm on an iPad right now. Maybe I could put it up when I'm on my computer.Beemo icon by fionnaandcake247-d4hclu0Let's be friendsBeemo icon by fionnaandcake247-d4hclu0 14:43, August 1, 2012 (UTC)

You Can't Fight the Homestuck!

You Can't Fight the Homestuck!

. ƒelinoel_Scraft
18:19, August 1, 2012 (UTC)


What is up with the renaming? Anyone got a source?
You Can't Fight the Homestuck!

You Can't Fight the Homestuck!

. ƒelinoel_Scraft
18:51, September 13, 2012 (UTC)

new video

I found a new working video of this, but I am not quite sure how to edit it in Unicornz101 (talk) 07:15, February 6, 2013 (UTC)unicornz

Hey, there is a 'Tunes From the Tomb' version aired in Cartoon Network. Sang by Marceline And the Scream queens. Shouldn't that video be put?

GASUV46Bloom mythix couture Princess of EverythingGumballIcon Win Awesomeness RewardsStarBFF 13:50, June 6, 2016 (UTC)