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The Gauntlet of the Hero

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The Gauntlet of the Hero Billy
Billy Gauntlet
Billy's Gauntlet
Name The Gauntlet of the Hero Billy
Origin Billy
Type Cosmic Gauntlet
Owner Finn, Princess Bubblegum, Billy
Introduced in "His Hero"
Last appearance "Mortal Folly"

The Gauntlet of the Hero Billy is the mythical weapon of reknowned hero Billy, and the only known weapon that can harm The Lich. Princess Bubblegum reveals it is in one of her castle's secret rooms and gives it to Finn in the episode "Mortal Folly"; it is not clear how she came into possession of the gauntlet but according to Adam Muto, Billy may have entrusted it to Princess Bubblegum when he retired. [1] The gauntlet seems to possess some degree of sentience, as it sheds a tear when Finn hits it in the eye to make it stop firing a magical blast. In addition, the gauntlet wouldn't work for him again until he apologized. The Lich easily shatters the gauntlet to tiny pieces when Finn tries to attack with it.

In a less noteworthy appearance in "His Hero," a retired Billy is not wearing the gauntlet. However, he is seen wearing it in is youth throughout the entirety of the "Billy's Song" montage. In the montage Billy doesn't use the gauntlet in any remarkable fashion despite its capability of firing a high powered magical laser. When Finn uses the gauntlet, this laser proves strong enough to cut through thick ice cleanly and instantaneously. This fact in combination with the gauntlet's reputation as the only weapon that can harm The Lich indicate it is a very powerful weapon.

In the episode "Rainy Day Daydream," a cosmic gauntlet with six fingers and a prominent eye is seen in the armory. More golden gauntlets are also seen in the piles of treasure in Billy's cave, whether they are simply treasures or actual weaponry is unknown.


The gauntlet is silvery-blue with five fingers and a thumb. There are metal bands on every knuckle and the wrist. A blue gemstone is attached to its forearm. On the top of the hand is an eye which can open and close on its own. Like Billy, the gauntlet has six fingers as opposed to the typical three fingers nearly every other human and humanoid in Ooo possesses.


  • While Finn and Jake are chasing the Lich over the lake in "Mortal Folly," the gauntlet is briefly seen with seven fingers.
  • Billy wears the gauntlet on his left hand, but Finn wears it on his right.
  • In Regular Show, there is a maximum glove that looks similar to it when it was giving Mordecai and Rigby Maximum Gaming Power.
  • It seems that the gauntlet has feelings when Finn was forcing it to be used and kissed it when he was chasing the Lich.




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