This article is a transcript of the Adventure Time episode "The Limit" from season 2, which aired on April 11, 2011.

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[The scene opens to the Hot Dog Kingdom, where Finn and Jake stare at the stars while two Hot Dog Knights play in the mud besides Hot Dog Princess.]
Jake:  [pointing] Dude! Shooting star! Make a wish!
[A small glowing orb hovers slowly towards Finn and Jake.]
Finn: [chuckles] That's not a shooting star. [Finn grabs the orb from the air.] It's just a firefly.
[Finn kisses the firefly, leaving a glowing stain around his mouth, and releases it.]
Finn: What are you gonna wish for dude?
Jake: Oh, you know. That something special only two bros can share.
Finn:  [excited] I think I'm wishing for the same thing!
Jake: You mean the...
Finn and Jake: Ancient Psychic Tandem War Elephant!
[They imagine themselves riding said War Elephant, which hovers, spins and shoot lasers out of its trunks.]
Jake: Oh, man I wanna ride it so bad!
Finn: How do you even control those things?
Jake: You can't control it dude. You have to let it give you control.
Finn: Oh wow!
[A firework flies up in the distance, Finn and Jake notice it.]
Jake: Start wishin'!
[The firework explodes, spelling out B.U.T.T. in the sky.]
Finn:  What the...
Hot Dog Princess:  [gasps] That's a distress flare from my other Hot Dog Knights. I sent them to rescue my other other Hot Dog Knights who got trapped in a labyrinth! Their message says... "Baby... us... trouble... time...." They must be in grave danger! [whispering] Hot Dog Knights are slow
[Finn, Jake and Hot Dog Princess looks towards the two Hot Dog Knights, who are playing in the mud guffawing dumbly.]
Finn: Don't worry, princess. Jake and I are on it.
[The scene changes to Finn and Jake standing on a hill, overlooking the labyrinth. The labyrinth is huge, its walls adorned with eyes.]
Finn: Whoa! Fudge, man! This place is yoga balls huge
Jake:  [chuckles] Yoga balls aren't that really huge, dude.
Finn: Hey, man, I can't analyze everything that comes out of my mouth.
[They approach the entrance to the labyrinth.]
Jake:  [whispering] Should we like, try to cheat and stretch over the walls?
Finn: Nah, man. Look.
[Finn points to a sign which text changes from mathematical equations to a warning saying "NO CHEATING OR YOU DIE."]
Jake: Okay, well... then... I'll just hook my legs around this stump and stretch us through so we don't get lost. Like this, see? [Jake wraps his hind legs around the stump and starts walking with his front legs.]
Finn: [laughing] You're a cool guy, Jake. 
Jake: Thank you.
[They enter the labyrinth, Jake stretching his body as Finn walks.]
Finn: Man, there're so many passage ways and stuff. It'll take us forever to find those Hot Dog Kni-iights?
[The four Hot Dog Knights are right in front of them. The knights see the adventurers and scream, run around and all fall over.]
Hot Dog Knight #1: [pleading] Don't eat me, man!
Jake: Nah, we're here to save you, guy!
Hot Dog Knight #2: [sighing] Oh, thank the stars. We were lost!
Hot Dog Knight #3: How didn't you guys get lost?
Finn: We're just gonna follow Jake's body back.
[The Hot Dog Knights cheer. "Whoa!" "Far out!" "Look at that!"]
Hot Dog Knight #1: At the centre of the maze, there's a magic creature that grants wishes.
Finn: Wishes? [To Jake] Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
Finn and Jake: Ancient Psychic Tandem War Elephant!
Jake: This is our chance!
Hot Dog Knights: Hot dog!
Jake:  [slides under the Hot Dog Knights and picks them up.] Hold on boys, we're gonna get us some wishes!
[The Hot Dog Knights cheer.]
Jake: Choo-choo. [Jake stretches around a bend while Finn looks on.]
[The scene cuts to Finn and Jake, with the Hot Dog Knights, traversing the labyrinth. On the other sides of the walls, creatures made of ice and snakes are present. Finn and Jake sing "Sing 'Cause Yo Mama Said."]
Finn:  [looking at Jakes stretched figure worriedly.] Dang, Jake. Your body's getting thin!
Jake: Yeah, I got a nice bod!
Finn:  Yeah, but now... [hesitating] not so nice.
Jake: Okay, well you can take your weird body issues and tuck them somewhere private. Where I can take my healthy body issues... and [Jake gasps as a mud golem appears before them.] FIGHT A GOLEM!
[The golem punches at the adventurers. Jake dodges, flinging the Hot Dog Knights of his body, and Finn is knocked over.]
[Finn covers the golem's eyes with his shirt.]
Finn: Wrap 'im up, Jake!
Jake: I'm on it! [Jake entangles the golem's body, but begins to struggle.]
Jake: [straining] Stop flexing. I can't... stretch.... any more.
Hot Dog Knight #2: [encouraging] You can do it, Jake! Stretch stretch stretch! Wrap him up more!
[Jake, empowered by the encouragement, stretches fully around the golem.]
Jake:  Come on baby.
[Jake strains in agony as he pulls his body, toppling the golem. The Hot Dog Knights cheer as Jake stretches over to Finn, exhausted.]
Jake: [exhausted] Golem... taken care of... dudes.
Hot Dog Knight #1: Jake, you're amazing.
[The Hot Dog Knights cheer and jump on Jake's back.]
Finn: Jake, you need to take it easy on the stretching, man.
Hot Dog Knight #2: Wha... n-no Jake, you can keep going, man. Right guys? Come on, Jake, you can go!
Hot Dog Knights: Jake! Jake! Jake!
Jake: [still exhausted] Hehe. [sighs] Alright. Come on, Finn. The stretching train is leaving the station. Choo-choo.
[Jake stretches past Finn while he thinks to himself worriedly. The scene changes to them running through the labyrinth's passages. Jake is still struggling.]
Jake: Just gotta keep stretchin'.
Finn: Uh, yeah. [Finn hears something.] Wait! Stop, Jake. Ya hear that?
Jake: No.
Finn: This place is weirding me out. Keep your eyes open for traps and junk.
Jake: Whoa! Check that out!
[Jake points to his stretched body before them, showing that they have gone in a circle.]
Finn: Oh, snap! That's you dude.
Jake: Hmm.
Finn:  [Finn pokes Jake's body.] Boop.
Jake: Hey, man. Watch it. I think that's my nerp, but like super stretched out.
Finn: [still poking Jake's 'nerp'.] Boop boop. Boop boop boop boop boop.
Jake:  [laughing] Stop man!
[Jake continues laughing as a sinister looking scorpion lands on his 'nerp' and viciously stabs him with its stinger.]
Jake:  [shocked] NERP!
[Jake punches the scorpion as many more fall out of three holes in the labyrinth wall. The scorpions start stinging the Hot Dog Knights.]
Finn: Oh my Grob! [while being stung]
Hot Dog Knight #1: [while being stung] It's okay, hot dogs are immune to poison.
[More scorpions pour from the holes.]
Finn: Sick!
Jake: I got it! [Jake enlarges his hands, catching the falling scorpions and pushing them into the holes, which he blocks with a portion of his body. From within the whole the scorpions repeatedly sting Jake.]
Jake: Owowowowowowowowow.
Hot Dog Knights: Jake! Jake! Jake!
Jake: [coughing] I'm good, man. It's the small scorpions you gotta worry about. Or is that just with snakes? [rumbling] Oop, nope, wait, poison's kickin' in. [groans in pain]
Hot Dog Knights: No Jake no!
Hot Dog Knight #4: Work through the pain! Let's get wishes!
Hot Dog Knights: Wishes!
Jake: [groaning] Alright, you guys, hop on! [Jakes grabs the knights and puts them on his head.] Let's do it.
Finn:  [worried] I don't think this is a good idea, man.
Jake:  [reassuring] I'm fine, brother. We'll have that war elephant in no time!
Finn: Ah, uh, okay...
[The scene changes to a montage of Finn, Jake and the Hot Dog Knights accomplishing tasks in the maze, in some places Jake stretching his body unnecessarily. At the end they come through a door.]
Finn:  [awed] Woah! [The adventurers look up at a giant statue holding a sliding puzzle. Finn looks at the puzzle.] Hmm, looks like the final puzzle. You think you can stretch up there, buddy.
[Jake is heavily stretched, his eyes almost popping out of their sockets.]
Jake:  [raspy whisper] Yes.
Finn:  [shocked] Whoa! Jake, you okay?!
Jake: Huh, yeah, I just... can't close my eyes... lids... too tight.
Finn:  [demanding] Okay, dude this is too far! No more maze, we're going home.
Jake: Yeah... I'm feeling a little thin.
Hot Dog Knights: No! Don't stop! Keep stretching!
Hot Dog Knight #2: You stretch good!
Hot Dog Knights: Jake! Jake! Jake! Woohoo!
Jake: Ah, alright.
Finn: Jake, no! You're gonna get hurt.
[The Hot Dog Knights keep cheering for Jake to go.]
Jake:  [stretching towards the puzzle] I'm goin' for it!
Finn:  Jake, no!
[Jake, groaning in agony, solves the sliding puzzle, which turns out to be a cat.]
Jake: [grunts] Done!
[A door in the statues groin area opens, revealing a podium with an orange glowing orb above.]
Finn: That must be the wishes!
[Hot Dog Knights 1, 3 and 4 cheer as the second looks at the sliding puzzle.]
Hot Dog Knight #2:  [mesmerized] Kitty!
[As Jake stretches down, the second Hot Dog Knight leaps a top the sliding puzzle.
Finn: You did it, man. No we can go wish for a...
Finn and Jake:  [while fist bumping] Ancient Psychic Tandem War Elephant.
[They go through the door, leavind the second Hot Dog Knight.]
Jake: [while getting thinner] Gotta move carefully. My internal organs are super stretched, I'm paper thin!
Hot Dog Knight #2: [sighing] I love kitties!
[The Hot Dog Knight jumps up and down on the sliding puzzle, causing it to fall and shatter. The statue's mouth flashes as the door begins to close. The adventurers through the door turn in confusion.]
Hot Dog Knight #2: I am sorry!
[The door closes on Jake's incredibly thin body, crushing it. He falls in intense agony.]
Jake: Ow! Ooh!
Finn: [screaming in shock] JAKE! [He raises Jake's head.]
Jake: My insides are all mashes up!
Finn: I knew we should have turned back!
Jake: You were right. I pushed myself too far. I'll never fall victim to peer pressure again!
Hot Dog Knight #4: No! Jake! Jake! Jake!
Jake: Actually, I'll do anything you guys want if you say my name three times. [Jake lies back in agony.]
Finn: Just hang tight, buddy. I'll use my wish to save you.
Aquandrius: Congratulations, warriors. [Aquandrius, a muddy serpent, appears at the podium.] Step forward, and take your wishes.
Hot Dog Knight #1: [excited] Ah! I'm gonna wish for a hat! Woohoo.
[The Hot Dog Knight charges forwards excitedly, steps on a pressure plate and is splattered to pieces by a cannon ball.]
[Finn and the remaining two Hot Dog Knights gasp and scream in shock.]
Aquandrius:  Who's next?
Hot Dog Knight #3:  Nuh-uh, that floor got traps! Jake should stretch us across
Hot Dog Knight #4: Jake! Jake! Jake!
Jake: Here we go! [coughs] Ooh.
Finn:  [adamant] No! Jake is all jacked up.
Hot Dog Knight #3: Then how else can we get wishes?!
[Finn looks around for inspiration, and then to Jake, who groans.]
Finn: Jake! Get up and carry us across!
Jake: But I'm too weak!
[Finn and the Hot Dog Knights begins chanting Jake's name. He shouts in determination and wraps his thin arms around Finn, who holds the knights, stretching them over the pressure plates to the podium. Finn shouts his name one last time.]
Jake: Yeaargh! That's it, I'm dead. [He drops Finn and collapses, he is now thinner than Finn's arm.]
Finn: Jake! Stay with me, man!
Jake: Nah.
Finn: But we did it, okay! I can wish you out of here, man!
Aquandrius: Oh yes, now you may each receive your wishes. For real! [The orb glows, sending out four smaller orbs towards the adventurers.] But be warned. There are no do overs!
Finn: Okay, [To Hot Dog Knights] So you guys should wish to get your buddies back, right?
Hot Dog Knight #4: I wish for a box! [His orb disappears and a cardboard box appears next to him.] Sweet!
Hot Dog Knight #3: And I wish to blow up! I mean like get big! [He explodes, and his orb disappears.]
Finn: Wow, you guys are really stupid.
Hot Dog Knight #4: [settling into his new box] What do you mean?
Aquandrius: [to Jake] Dog, you're next! What do you wish?
Jake: Huh?
Finn: Jake! Wish for the Ancient Psychic Tandem War Elephant! Then I'll wish to save you!
Jake: Right. So hard to think on an empty stomach. I wish I wasn't so hungry. [Jake's orb disappears and a sandwich appears on top of him. He takes a bite.]
Finn: You wasted your wish, man!
Jake: I know. You should wish for the Ancient Psychic Tandem War Elephant. It's what we wanted.
Finn: That's crazy, man! I gotta save your life.
Jake: Do it... for... me!
Finn: I... wish... for... the Ancient PSYCHIC TANDEM WAR ELEPHANT!
Jake: Yes!
Aquandrius: Your wish is granted.
[Finn's orb transforms into the elephant, Finn gasps as it spins, trumpets and shoots lasers around.]
Jake: It has to give you control! Remember!
Finn: I'm on it. [He leaps onto the elephant's leg and climbs up to its eye.] Rah! [speaking telepathically] Ancient Psychic Tandem War Elephant. HEAR ME!
[The elephant's pupils contract.]
Ancient Psychic Tandem War Elephant: [telepathically] Finn the Human! Are you worthy to command me? 
Finn:  [telepathically] You know I am, because you're psychic! [speaking] Now wish for my friends to be healed!
Ancient Psychic Tandem War Elephant: [speaking] I wish... for what Finn... desires.
[Jake and the four Hot Dog Knights appear on the elephants back.]
Jake: Yeah, boyyy!
Aquandrius: No! You weren't supposed to have your wishes come true! [angrily] You were supposed to die!
Finn: Now, bust us outta here!
[The elephant flies away, leaving Aquandrius in his defeat.]
Aquandrius: No! 
Finn: Yeah, boyyy!
[Finn and Jake chuckles as they all travel into the moonlight. The episode ends.]