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This article is a transcript of the Adventure Time episode "The Mountain" from season 6, which aired on February 12th, 2015.

This transcript is incomplete.


[In Castle Lemongrab, Lemongrab is seated at a table with some of his subjects. A waiter serves up some Lemonjons.]
Lemongrab: Commence dinner.
[Everyone at the table eats a spoonful of Lemonjons simultaneously.]
Lemongrab: Dinner is concluded.
Everyone else: [in unison] Concluded. [clap twice]
Lemongrab: Up.
[His subjects carry him to his room bucket brigade-style, passing him one to the other over their heads. They drop him off at his window and leave in a hurry. Lemongrab watches his subjects harvest bunches of Lemonjons from a tree and drop them into a machine that separates them. The machine spits them out one at a time onto a conveyor belt, where they are then smashed with wooden mallets by more workers. The smashed bits are scooped into bags, then sown into a tilled field. Nearby, a Lemon Person is constructing a statue of Lemongrab out of lemon concrete.]
Lemon Person: Ooh!
Lemongrab: Mm. Lights out!
[All the workers collapse at their posts and immediately fall asleep. Lemongrab is carried into bed by his subjects. They place a baseball mitt on Lemongrab's right hand and a bag of Lemonjons on his nightstand, then turn out the light. Lemongrab gazes up at the ceiling at a mural depicting Matthew and the obstacles leading up to him. The ceiling cracks a little.]
Lemongrab: Huh?!
[A bit of the ceiling falls on Lemongrab's bed, leaving a small hole in the mural. A bug-like Lemon creature crawls out of it, and a low, distant roar sounds. Lemongrab gets stressed and grabs the bag of Lemonjons off his nightstand. He leaves his castle on his Lemon Camel.]
Lemongrab: Bye.
[The gatekeepers close the gate and collapse back to sleep. On a mountain, Finn is lying on his back with a telescope, and Jake is preparing something over a campfire.]
Finn: Better get up here, Jake. It's about to happen.
Jake: Coming! Just gotta get this cocoa pipin'.
Finn: Your loss, man. The Dap of the Heavens only happens every 20 years. [looks through telescope] Oh, man. It's going down.
[Two constellations tap their "fists" together.]
Jake: Okay. Let's watch some stars.
Finn: Hmm. You missed it. It was honestly a little disappointing
Jake: Oh. Okay. Hey, man, I think I hear something weird over there with my little doggy ears.
[Finn looks through his telescope at Flame Princess and Cinnamon Bun working out. They take a rest.]
Flame Princess: Phew! You are killing, Cinnamon Bun! This routine is locked up!
Cinnamon Bun: Oh! Thank you, Princess. You are also killing.
Finn: You mean Flame Princess?
Jake: Naw, man. What I heard didn't sound like her. Give me a peek on there. This is pretty much just a tube. [looks through his flesh-scope and takes Finn's telescope] Huh. It's Lemongrab.
Finn: Uh, Lemongrab?! What's he up to at this time of night?
Jake: Uh... it looks like he's headed for the Mountain of Matthew. I hear beaucoup spookoo legends about that place.
Finn: Beaucoup spookoo, you say? We should follow him.
Jake: Huh? How come you care where Lemongrab goes?
Finn: He could, you know, he could be messing with crazy mystic power at that mountain. It's like seeing a baby playing with dynamite. Plus, seeing Flame Princess kind of messed me up. Now I gotta distract myself with work.
Jake: Okay, okay. I feel you. Let's do some things. [shapeshifts into a glider and flies Finn to the mountain]
Finn: There's his Lemon Camel. Lemongrease must be inside already.

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