This article is a transcript of the Adventure Time episode "The New Frontier" from season 3, which aired on November 28, 2011.

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[The episode begins inside Jake's Croak Dream. Jake is floating in space and holding his breath as he sees Banana Man floating. Jake begins floating away from the space ship and is running out of breath. He attempts to stretch his way there but can not reach. His face begins to turn purple and pink and he runs out of breath. The Cosmic Owl screeches and Jake wakes from his dream.]
Jake: [Breathes hard and climbs down the ladder] Finn, oh my grosh, Finn! It was amazing!
Finn: Whaaaa?
Jake: I had a croak dream, Finn! My croak dream!
Finn: Oh... my glob.
Jake: [Laughs]
Finn: For real? With the Cosmic Owl and everything?
Jake: Mhmm!
Finn: Whoa, a real croak dream?
Jake: Yeah man! [Does a summersault] There was a rocket ship [rolling over], you weren't there [looking back at Finn], and there was a Banana Man [Does another summersault landing on his head] and I ran out of air and in outer space [breathing hard] and isn't that great Finn!
Finn: Yeah, well no I mean, I don't want you to die! And where was I? I'm your best friend!
Jake: Aww, come on Finn [Going between Finn's legs and wrapping around them a little] There's nothing to worry about! Think about it, I don't know any Banana Man Finn and rocket ships haven't been reinvented yet! I'll probably live another hundred years, easy.
Finn: Ummm... Yeah, yeah I guess. [They hear a knock at their door].
Jake: Someones downstairs.
Finn: I'll take a look. [He stands up and looks out the window. Banana Man is standing at the door. Finn closes the window and grabs Jake's hand and runs with him and throws him behind their freezer, and then jumping behind it himself.]
Jake: Who is it?
Finn: It's the Banana Man!
Jake: [Blows a raspberry.]
Finn: Shhh!
Jake: [quietly] What do we do?
Finn: [quietly] I don't know![he jumps over the freezer and walks off.]
Jake: [looking over and quiet] Is he still out there?
Finn: [Looks out window and sees the Banana Man walk away] Uhh no, he left. [Jake jumped off Finn's back]
Jake: Phew, see I told you today wasn't the day! Hey, you wanna make an ice cream pizza?
Finn: Jake, your croak dream just gave us the upper hand, we can cheat now, now we can cheat fate.
[Jake is about to take a bite of his ice cream pizza.]
Finn: We'll track down that Banana Man and crunk up his schemes and save you!
Jake: Finn, [sets the ice cream pizza on BMO] when I die my individual earth conscious is gonna go all everywhere while glob tallies my deeds!
Finn: What?
Jake: I'm gonna be all around you! [Stretches out branches.] In your nose, in your dreams and socks, I'll be a part of you in your earth mind! [Stretches back to normal form] It's gonna be great!
Finn: Dude, STOP. SAYING. ALL THIS. CRAZY. NONSENSE. It's makin' me messed up. I'm 13. You're messin' me up.
Jake: No one can change your croak dream, Finn, not even you.
Finn: We'll see about that, come on! [They go outside and follow the Banana Man and see the sun is rising in front of them.] Wait, just let him walk a few more steps.
Jake: Why?
Finn: 'Cause that idiot's about to walk right into the sun and burn up. And we'll be done with him.
Jake: No man, he's walking into his house! [Banana Man walks towards his house].
Finn: Oh, what?! He built his house on the sun?! This guy's insane!
Jake: Finn, did you eat your breakfast?
Finn: No, why?
Jake: Because you forgot how the sun works. The sun is actually far away, it's not just sitting on the horizon. [Puts his arm around Finn.]
Finn: Oh. Right on. Lets chase after him!
Jake: You gotta eat your breakfast man, eat the protein. Helps your brain.
Finn: Yeah, yeah whatever you say, Mom. Lets go! [They start chasing after him and hide behind a car next to Banana Man's house. Banana Man walks inside his house] C'mon! [They look through the window and see Banana Man is doing a exercise program on the TV. He puts a space helmet over his head] What's he doin' with that glass? [Banana Man puts the space helmet on]
Jake: Whoa, just like in my dream! [Finn pulls Jake down]
Banana Man: Huh? Hmmm.[He turns around to the window] [He fixes the TV and puts his hands on his hips and bends his knees up and down] Uh, Uh, Uh, Yeah! There we go!
Finn: Jake! Stop talkin' about your croak dream. It makes me uncomfortable. 
Jake: Dude, just except it!
Finn: No dude![Puts his finger over his mouth and take a bow out of his backpack]
Jake: What are you doing man? [Finn takes out an arrow] Ahh!!
Finn: Hand me some leaves and twigs and stuff. [Jake does so] Hmmm. [He claps and rubs his hands together, blows on then and a fire starts on the leaves]
Jake: Ahh!
[Finn puts the burning leaves and puts it on the arrow tip.]
Jake: Wait, you're not gonna kill him, are you?!
Finn: Naw, man. [Loads the arrow in the bow] It's just a warning shot to scare him in to moving far away from here. [Finn shoots it and it bounces of off Banana Man's helmet and bounces back to them.]
Finn & Jake: Ahh! [They duck down and it flies over their heads.]
Banana Man: [Picks up his remote] Hmmm? [Shrugs and fixes the picture on the TV] Ha Ha! Look Out! Woo Hoo! [Starts putting his shoulders up and down] Ha ha! You Hoo! [He starts jumping back and forth with his arms out.] Hoo! Yeah! Woo! Do it! Yeah! Oh yeah! Woo! [Does the splits.] Yeah! [Jumps up and does a sideways flip and then does another sideways flip.] Move it! [Starts waving his arms.] Work it! Ha ha!
Finn: I'm gonna try to shoot this arrow again.
Jake: Careful man, I want to be alive for my croak!
Banana Man: There we go! [Finn shoots another arrow and it bounces of the TV, the lights, the ceiling, and then the top of the window where Finn and Jake are, then a picture of a Banana and shoots back at Finn and Jake.]
Finn & Jake: Whoa [then it bounces of Banana Man's car and then goes to the other side of the house]
Finn: Don't worry Jake were gonna get this guy.
Jake: Dude, I appreciate why your doing this, but you're not gonna stop from transcend in to Glob world!
Finn: I'm gonna cry man... if you say that one more time, I'm gonna... Let's go fetch that first arrow to reuse, 'cause we're out of arrows. [They go around the house to get the arrow.]
Jake: Huh? [They see a big rocket ship with suplies on the ground and dynamite to trigger the rocket.]
Finn: No!
Jake: The rocket from my croak dream! Oh man, I guess this is it. I've got to embrace this today!
Finn: Shusher, you're not getting on that rocket! [Finn raps his arms around Jake] Err! [Finn grabs the flaming arrow and lights the dynamite.] Jake! [Jake climbs into the rocket.]
Jake: You can't stop deatheny, Finn! [He wipes his head.]
Finn: Jake no!! [Finn tries blowing out the dynamite fire.]
Jake: Huh? No man! [He jumps out and tackles Finn. Banana Man comes out and sees the confusion.]
Banana Man: Huh? [He sees them fighting] What in the huu!! [He sees the lit dynamite.] No no it's not ready yet!! [Finn and Jake keep fighting and Jake pushes Finn aside and Jake jumps into the rocket.]
Jake: Yeyuh!
Finn: [On the ground] Aww! [Opens one eye] Nooo! 
Jake: Banana Man get your butt on board, we've got a date with destiny!
Finn: No! [Grabs on Jake's leg.]
Jake: Get off you cant mess with fate 
Finn: No I'm not gonna let you die!
Jake: Finn
Finn: Don't do this!
Jake: Finn.
Finn: No!
Jake: Finn, let me go.
Finn: [Sniffs] Please. [Sniffs] Please.
Jake: You have to let me go.
Finn: No. [Sniffs] Please.
Jake: Destiny!! [Shakes Finn off his leg when the rocket is about to shoot off]
Banana Man: There's not enough boom boom sticks in the stick hole! No!
Finn: Jake!
Jake: Take care brother you weren't by my side in the croak dream but I'm glad you're here to see me off
Finn: That's right! I wasn't in his dream! That means...
[The dynamite is about to explode.]
Jake: See you on the other side! [The dynamite ignites and the rocket starts fly.]
Banana Man: Ahh!! [The glass jar he was holding breaks on the ground into lots of pieces.]
Jake: Huh? Whaaa?
[The rocket's bottom breaks off and it tips over.]
Jake: Am I in glob world?
[The rocket lands sideways and the ground cracks all around and breaks, the rocket ship, Jake and Banana Man falling with it.
Jake & Banana Man: Ahhh!
Finn: Jake! Jake! [Finn jumps in the hole.] Jake I'm coming with you! [Everybody falls in an underground body of water.]
Banana Man: Ahh!
[Jake is holding his breath underwater, which looks like space, and sees Banana Man, the space ship and a model of the earth. Jake is excited as his croak dream is happening as planned. Finn swims over to him, to Jake's disappointment.]
Jake: Fiiiiiiinnn, don't try to stop me, Finn!
Finn: No, it's okay, I'm here to stay by your side! [Finn hugs Jake who smiles.]
Jake: Thanks man, I knew you'd come around.
[Finn begins squeezing Jake hard and his face begins to turn red, Jake notices he is running out of air and gets him out of the water, breathing hard, and jumps on Finn, who squirts water out of his mouth.]
Finn: [Coughs]
Jake: Take it easy there, buddy.
Banana Man: [Swims to the surface of the water and begins to cough] I just wanted to borrow some sugar!! [He passes out]
Jake: Poor Banana Man. So I guess that wasn't a real croak dream after all! It didn't really come together quite right.
Finn: Heh, heh yeah.
Jake: Hey no wait, in the croak dream it was me and Banana Man, [Stretches himself and Banana Man on his belly] but this time you were here too. [Stretches Finn on his belly] So... [Stretches stomach back to normal] it must be destined to happen again when your not around!
Finn: Well in that case, I'll just have to never leave your side ever again for the rest of our lives.
Jake: Hmm? [Finn puts his face against Jake's] What are you doing?
Finn: [Weird voice] I can never leave your side ever again for the rest of our lives.
Jake: [Slight pause] Get off of me!
Finn: [Weird voice] For the rest of our lives! [Chases Jake]
Jake: No!
Finn: I know where you live!
Jake: No, c'mon!
Finn: [Mimicking the sound of a ghost] Ooh! Ooh!
Jake: I know you're not a ghost, Finn! Stop chasing me!
Banana Man: [Banana Man exercises behind a changing color background.] Aoo hoo! Ha ha! [lifts his leg up and down] Uh huh! [Bends over back and forth] Ha ha! [Shakes his arms up and down] Yeah! [Does a backflip, lands in the splits and claps twice.]
[The episode ends.]