This article is a transcript of the Adventure Time episode "The Party's Over, Isla de Señorita" from season 5, which aired on May 27, 2013.

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[The episode begins inside the Candy Kingdom, in Princess Bubblegum's bedroom. Coming from under the bed appears the Ice King.]
Ice King: Oh, boy [struggles a bit, stands up and stares at the still sleeping princess.] Oh, you're so pretty when you sleep, let's go back to Ice King's house, [rips duck tape piece and places it over her mouth, but she awakes.] Hi, baby....
Princess Bubblegum: [Muffled scream as she hits him with a pillow and rips the tape from her mouth.] Ice King, what are you doing in my bedroom?!
Ice King: Baby, I was trying to surprise you by moving you to my place while you sleep, then have you wake up to breakfast in bed, but now you've ruined the surprise, way to go.
Princess Bubblegum: Do you think I like being kidnapped is that what you think I want!
Ice King: Okay, here we go, you're the victim right? You know what, since day one I've been doing everything to make this relationship work and for what?!
Princess Bubblegum: Banana Guards! [Two of them enter the room]
Ice King: Babe, come on, we promised we wouldn't make our problems public [The guard approach the Ice King.]
Princess Bubblegum: [Exasperated] Take him out. [They drag him away, as Ice King protests.]
Ice King: No, baby! What are you doing?! [Still being dragged, he whines] Baby bear! [Pulling loose from the guards, he runs back to the princess' side on bended knee.] This is just so crazy, if you can honestly look into your heart and tell me you want me to leave, I'll go!
Princess Bubblegum: [Serious] Okay, leave.
Ice King: [Taken aback] Uh-what? D-did you look in your heart, like all around it?
Princess Bubblegum: [Sternly] Yes.
Ice King: I see. Then obviously you have got some heavy emotions stirring in you and you have said some very rash things. [Standing up he walks backwards towards the awaiting guards.] Guards! Take me away! [Lifting up both arms he falls sideways in the arms of the guards and do as requested.]
[Outside the castle they toss the Ice King who lands on his feet, he walks solemnly down the castle's path. At the end of the path is Finn and Jake who stand at the ready.]
Finn: Ice King, get out of Princess-
Ice King: I'm leaving! [He shoves past Finn and storms off.]
[The Ice Kingdom, and inside the castle's bathroom is the Ice King standing under the shower.]
Ice King: Uh, I don't know, did I say the right thing? I can never tell with that girl. [He gets out, warps a towel around himself and walks to his bedroom.] [There he sits on his bed and picks up a paparazzi shot of Princess Bubblegum and sighs.] All I can think about... is you, baby girl. I gotta leave Ooo, start somewhere fresh. [Walking out to the throne room dressed with a duffel bag he goes to a sleeping Gunter.] Goodbye, Gunter, you're the... man of the house now. [Kisses its forehead.]
[The scene changes to show Ice King in an ice boat, complete with ice oars, and rowing away. The Ice King calls out "Stroke, stroke" with each row.] [The setting becomes darker and cloudy as a thunder storm approaches. He stares up at the sky.]
Ice King: Oh, clam balls! [He tries desperately to row back to the shore, but the storm is too fast he is soon tossed about the waves.]
[The next scene is the Ice King awash on a sandy shore and regaining consciousness, he coughs a bit and immediately two orange fish flop from his mouth.] Ick, where am I- [coughs up a crab. And all three creatures wander back into the waters.]
Ice King: Where am I? [Stands up] Hmm, no signs of life. Just me and these palm fronds, [reaches down to pluck a few strands, and heads back to the shore and sits.] And that bird over there. [The bird pecks the sand. Ice King removes his crown] Well, won't be needing this anymore, [kisses the crown and secures it to this beard's end. Then, taking the palm strands he fashions himself a hat. He picks up the bird to have it snip off an extra piece and tosses it away.] [Placing the hat on his head he sighs] I miss her, man. [His wallowing is cut short as he hears someone singing a song in the distance.] Hello? [He goes to investigate.] Is someone here? [Muttering] Must be from somewhere. [He spots a sanding hill and runs towards it, when he reaches the top.] There, now I can look around and- sweet mother of Glob! This island doesn't have a lady - this island is a lady!
[The view shifts to show that the hill he stands on is actually the knee of a island shaped woman.]
Isla de Señorita: Oh, hello there!
Ice King: Hello.
Isla de Señorita: Is my singing bothering you?
Ice King: No.
Isla de Señorita: ...What?!
Ice King: No!
Isla de Señorita: What?
Ice King: No!!
Isla de Señorita: ...What?
Ice King: Ugh, hold on a sec! [He walks down her knee.]
[Screen card : Two Days LATER]
Ice King: [Emerging from the dense tree setting he has reached the head of the island, he climbs on her face and sits by her mouth, exhausted.] Fuu, what was the question?
Isla de Señorita: I asked if my singing was bothering you.
Ice King: [Chuckles] No, um, not at all, in fact it was quite enchanting.
Isla de Señorita: I always sing when by boyfriend is away.
Ice King: Boyfriend?
Isla de Señorita: Yeah, Party God, do you know him?
Ice King: Oh eh, sure, I mean, I know of him.
[A howl in the distance as the Party God is heard coming.]
Isla de Señorita: Oh no, that's him, quick hide! He gets crazy jealous!
Ice King: Crazy jealous?! [Panicking and looking for a place to hide, but there is none. He runs around but then just decides to curl into a ball near the mouth of the island.]
Party God: [Arriving at the island, howling all the way.]
Isla de Señorita: Hi.
Party God: Hey, babe, is that a zit on your face? Gross. [Flies downward] You've seen my boombox? I totally puked in Jimmy's stereo and killed the party I was at, he was like, "Hey, Party God, you can't spin faster than me!" And I was like, "I totally can, Jimmy." So we started spinnin', then I got super dizzy and was like: Blaugh blaugh, right into the speaker! [Peaks his head into a bush and pulls out the boombox] Hurr hurr, found it. Okay, I'm bouncing out, babe.
Isla de Señorita: Oh, you wanna hang before you go?
Party God: Oh... yeah... uh well, um, I'm sort of in the middle of party, so...
Isla de Señorita: Oh, well it would just be for a minute.
Party God: But, eh, I puked in Jimmy's stereo, I can't party-foul the party. I'm the Party God.
Isla de Señorita: Okay
Party God: Don't be mad, babe.
Isla de Señorita: I won't- I'm not.
Party God: Okay, laters- ouuu!
Isla de Señorita: [Sighs]
Ice King: [Emerges from his position.] Ugh, what a wad bag.
Isla de Señorita: Oh, he's okay... sometimes.
Ice King: [Sits by her mouth.] Gurl, he's no good for you.
Isla de Señorita: [Sighs] I know.
Ice King: Ah, who am I kidding. My GF, Princess Bubblegum, treats me like poopies too. The expression on your face when he bounced out on ya, well, I might as well have been lookin' in mirror.
Isla de Señorita: Neglected lovers party of two! [Chuckles.]
Ice King: [Chuckles too.] Yeah, that's us.
Isla de Señorita: Well, I like you. You're welcome to stay here as long as you want.
Ice King: Are you sure?
Isla de Señorita: Yes, I appreciate your company. [The Ice King smiles.]
[The scene changes and the song "Ice King and the Island Lady" is heard. The Ice King gathers various objects, he rips up a small tree to add it on his newly built house. He replaces the tree with a sapling. He then builds a grape vine area and is seen stomping on the grapes to create juice.]
Ice King: [With a cup of juice in hand he lays beside the island's mouth.] Yeah, well, PB is just so closed off to her emotions, she crushes the relationship so she doesn't ever have to develop feelings.
Isla de Señorita: I don't even matter to Party God, he just parties all the time. He doesn't even notice if I'm there or not.
Ice King: Oh, that's terrible, at least Bubblegum cares if I'm there.
Isla de Señorita: Sometimes, I wish he would just go into outer space so I'd never have to see him again.
Ice King: Yeah, he's awful, you shouldn't have to put up with that.
Isla de Señorita: Yeah, that's true.
Ice King: Yeah, girl.
Isla de Señorita: ...I'm gonna break up with him!
Ice King: [Laughs] Yeah, girl!
Party God: [Heard howling in the distance.]
Ice King: Oh, snaps! Good luck! [Curls into a ball beside the island's mouth.]
Party God: Ouuuu... I forgot the batteries.
Isla de Señorita: Hey, babe, I have to tell you something. [Party God dives into a bush.] Uh, babe?
Party God: Found them. [He spots the house.] Huh, hey what's that?
Isla de Señorita: Oh, that just washed up on me after a storm.
Party God: Hmmm, oh whatever, what did you want to tell me.
Isla de Señorita: Well, I've been doing some thinking. And I- I...
Party God: Aye, yai yai, what?
Isla de Señorita: I I... hope you have fun at your party...
Party God: Ugh! You're killing me babe, ouuuuu [flies off.]
Ice King: [Uncurls from his position] Uh! What was that?!
Isla de Señorita: Uh...
Ice King: You should have been like: "I am done with you! Bam! Pack your bags and get out my face!"
Isla de Señorita: I-
Ice King: Whatever, I'm gonna break up with him for ya'! [Placing on his crown he flies in the direction of Party God.]
Party God: [Humming to himself.]
Ice King: Hey, yo! Yo, dog! I need to talk to you.
Party God: Who are you?!
Ice King: I'm Ice King, we sort of met that time at Peppermint Butler's. Anyway, I've been spending lots of time with your girlfriend, and she re-.
Party God: Whaaaat?!! Hey wait, you're the guy who's been living on her stomach.
Ice King: Yeah, but no! It was strictly platonic! I wasn't hitting on her or anything.
Party God: There's going to be two hits, bro, me hitting you and a second instance of me hitting you. [He flies up and blast of light shoots from his mouth.]
Ice King: Whoa mama! [Does the splits to dodge it. It hits the water with a loud crash.] L-let's talk this out! Think about what's best for her- Ice Lightening!! [He zaps his ice powers at the Party God who dodges by splitting into tinier versions of himself.]
Party God: [Gives a howl and the Ice King retreats.]
Ice King: Wowzers! [Dodging another blast of light.]
Party God: Aa yeah, run blue piggy! [He blasts again and again.]
Ice King: Take it easy, wolfy, I just stomped grapes on her tummy, alright! Ahh! Bread balls bread balls bread balls! [He flies upwards to hide among a layer of thick clouds, but the Party God's head rises from them and he snaps his jaws.] Psych! [Ice King creates a large ice sword.] Eat it, party puppy! [swings sword to make a hit but Party God deflects it and it shatters.]
Party God: [Chuckles] Face it bro, my divinity is unassailable. You should have stayed out of my business.
Ice King: [Looking pass the Party God to a single floating cloud.] She is not your "bid-ness"! [Charging his powers, he sends a zap towards the Party God who doges, the bolt instead hits the cloud which instantly turns into solid ice.]
Party God: I can dodge your "zyaps" for days [he boasts, not noticing as the large ice cloud is right above his head, it lands on him and he is sent crashing to the waters below.]
Ice King: Uh oh. [Seethes.] Hmmm.
[Arriving back at the island, a howl is heard, Isla de Señorita turns her eyes in the direction.]
Isla de Señorita: Party God? [She stares at what is supposedly a conscious Party God, but it is the Ice King holding up the large head and stretching open the eyes and moving the mouth.]
Ice King (Party God): Hey, girl [In a Party God-like voice.]
Isla de Señorita: Did Ice King tell you to come talk to me?
Ice King (Party God): Um, maybe.
Isla de Señorita: Oh...
Ice King (Party God): So, is there something you wanted to tell me?
Isla de Señorita: Uh, nope- I'm good!
Ice King (Party God): Eh, ah ah, um didn't you get some good advice from a cool bro and you want to tell me something important that would be difficult but good for your future life in the long run?
Isla de Señorita: W-well, y-yes. You're bad and I'm terminating our romance! Bam, get out of my face! Wow, I never would have been able to do that without the advice from my emotionally mature friend, Ice King.
Ice King (Party God): Huh? Um, Ice King wanted me to tell you that he's going to break up with his girlfriend too, and- that- your as much of an inspiration to him as he was to you. If not less so.
Isla de Señorita: Mmm, that's nice.
Ice King (Party God): He says he'll be sure to visit. Oh, I'm going into outer space now!
Isla de Señorita: Oh, okay.
Ice King (Party God): [Flies upward.]
Isla de Señorita: Whew.
Ice King: [Flying fast away from the island and to the sky, he flings the giant head of the Party God into space.]
[Back at the Candy Kingdom, Princess Bubblegum is in her science room. The Ice King burst through the window shattering the glass.]
Princess Bubblegum: Fun cakes! [She stands up]
Ice King: I've come to a decision, you ready to hear it? I'm breaking up with ya! You party too much, you never want to spend time with me and you only care about having fun and other people's stereos! I'm just a big island you can come and go from as you please!
Princess Bubblegum: BANANA GUARDS!!
Ice King: Banana Guard yourself, Princess!! [Flies away.] Ah, we'll work it out.

Episode ends