This article is a transcript of the Adventure Time episode "The Vault" from season 5, which aired on September 16, 2013.

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[The episode starts off in the Tree Fort with pots and pans crashing. Finn is stirring a bowl with nothing in it. Something growls and green tentacles come towards Finn.]
Finn: Wha—?
[Finn steps back and the stove melts, turning into a blue creature with green hair. The creature smiles.]
Finn: Wha—?!
[The scene goes to Jake, who is sound asleep. In the background, you can hear Finn scream for help.]
Jake: What? Finn?!
[The scene goes back to Finn, where the blue creature is engulfing him.]
Jake: I'm coming! [Jake stretches from his bed to downstairs.]
Finn: She's got me! She's got me!
[Jake sees Finn asleep on the floor, kicking in the air.]
Jake: [sighs] Yo, bro, you're sleepwalking again! Wake up! [He slaps Finn.]
Finn: Whoa. Jake? Was I...?
Jake: Yes, Finn. Again. Every time youse is screaming about "She's got me!" and all that.
Finn: She's got... Wha?
Jake: Wait, you don't remember? You just woke up, man! Recall it, baby! Come on.
[Finn closes his eyes in frustration, trying to remember. He starts to punch each side of his head multiple times.]
Jake: That's too much; don't punch yourself.
Finn: Eh, it's gone. I don't know.
Jake: [sighs] [He grabs Finn.] You're repressin' the memory, dude!
Finn: I'm what?
Jake: You're hiding whatever she is in a mental vault.
Finn: Oh, yeah. The vault. That's where the stuff I can't handle goes. Kerplunk.
Jake: Okay, so you even know you're doing it? [He lets go of Finn.]
Finn: Yeah. [laughs.]
Jake: Listen, we gotta find out who this lady is. We gotta open the vault a little.
Finn: No, sir.
Jake: This is just gonna keep happening, man.
Finn: It's alright. I'm not hurting anybody.
Jake: Finn, for reals.
Finn: [Finn's entire body shivers and then stops.] NO!
Jake: Alright. Chill, chill. Don't sweat it, man. It's not even a thing.
Finn: Cool.
Jake: Why don't you clean up the kitchen now?
Finn: Okay. I'm sorry I did that.
Jake: It's alright. It's only, like, the fifth room you've train-wrecked this month.
[Finn and Jake walk away from each other.]
[Scene cuts to Finn on the sofa while Jake is carrying BMO.]
Jake: Wow, that was fast.
Finn: Yup.
Jake: While you were doing that, I downloaded a new game on BMO.
Finn: There's a cricket in here.
Jake: [Jake places BMO on the table and sits next to Finn, giving him the controller.] Huh?
Finn: What is it?
Jake: I don't know. Lady said it's good.
Finn: Hmmm. She likes those games where you're, like, collecting materials to make stationery.
Jake: Naw, this is different. [Jake looks off to the side, unsure.] It's different.
Finn: A'ight, let's peep it.
[Finn presses a button. On BMO'S screen it says: Regression Simulator Press Start.]
Finn: Regression Simulator? Uh, okay.
[Finn presses the start button.]
Finn: Start.
[A red hexagon swirls 360 degrees. An unknown male voice starts talking.]
Male Voice: Welcome, adventurer.
[Finn seems shocked while Jake sits next to him, covering his eyes.]
Finn: Whoa.
Male Voice: I am the Hypno-Priest. I will be your guide.
[The scene shows Finn mindless with the red spiral reflecting in his eyes.]
Male Voice: Deep into your subconscious mind. Follow me now, adventurer.
Finn: [gasps] The vault.
[Finn walks up to the spiral.]
Jake: Go in there, man! Don't be scurred.
[A door forms and Finn walks through it. Jake's eyes are still closed.]
Jake: What do you see?
Finn: I see... my past lives.
[A comet flies by.]
Finn: I was a comet...
[A butterfly is shown, sitting on a flower.]
Finn: A butterfly...
[A pink object is shown.]
Finn: A thing... I don't know what that is. Some kind of shape? Or a doodoo in another dimension?
[The scene goes to Jake. He opens his right eye but with his hand still covering it.]
Jake: Do you remember anything about the scary lady?
[Finn squints his eyes.]
Finn: Scary lady?
[He thinks for a second and closes his eyes.]
Finn: Yeah. I was her! Except she was a chubby tiger.
[A white tiger with blue eyes is seen running.]
Finn: No, no, no, wait, wait, wait. She was riding a tiger, and she wasn't scary.
[A black haired girl with green skin is seen riding a tiger. She is wearing a short green dress with a dagger strapped to her chest. She is missing her right arm. The tiger runs up some white steps to a building. The door opens for them by a green skinned man wearing a shower cap.]
Boss: Hey, girl.
[The girl walks up to a man in the tub. He is known as the boss.]
Boss: Sniffin' around for that chedda?
Shoko: You know it. Got any work for me?
Boss: I might could, but it's a top-shelf shakedown. Know what I'm saying?
Shoko: I can step to that.
Boss: There's a rival camp down river. The leader's got some magic omelette, you know? [eats eye cucumbers] Mmm. You know? The kind you wear around your neck.
Shoko: I think it's pronounced "amulet."
Boss: Oh, don't get fresh with me, girlie. I talk good. Anyway, when I get my hands on that omelet, whoo-hoo! Forget about everything, baby. I'll be the biggest cheese in creation.
Shoko: Sounds cool. I'll take the job
Boss: Shake on it.
[The boss extends his hand. Shoko shakes it.]
Boss: You pull this off, and I'll let you join my gang.
Shoko: Uh... that's okay. I'll just work for coin.
Boss: And, on the other hand, so to speak, if you screw up or chicken out, you're out of the game. Permanently. [He pretends to slit his throat with his finger.] Pretend my finger's a knife.
[Shoko forcefully lets go of his hand and gives a disgusted look. She rides her tiger to the Candy Kingdom, which is currently under construction.]
Shoko: Play dead.
[Her tiger lays his head on the grass, playfully.]
Shoko: Deader.
[Her tiger falls on its back, with its paws up in the air, and its eyes closed. Shoko screams and hits herself on the head with a rock, knocking herself out.]
Banana Guard: Ah! Another attack!
[The Banana Guard takes out a horn and blows it. A mysterious figure with a purple cloak jumps down from a crane to the Banana Guard.]
Banana Guard: My leader! Another attack!
[The figure removes the cloak, revealing it is Princess Bubblegum. She takes out her telescope.]
Princess Bubblegum: Bring them inside.
[Shoko is seen lying in a bed, with her tiger sleeping next to her on the floor. She wakes up and rubs her head.]
Princess Bubblegum: Hey, you're up!
[Princess Bubblegum carries bread, soup, and olives on a tray for Shoko.]
Princess Bubblegum: I thought you might be hungry.
[She sets the tray on the table and takes a seat in a chair.]
Princess Bubblegum: So, who knocked you out?
[Shoko starts eating her bread.]
Shoko: Bath Boy Gang.
Princess Bubblegum: Ugh! I hate those boys!
Shoko: Yeah, they stole everything I had, but that's okay. My parents always told me that simple possessions aren't the most important things in life.
Princess Bubblegum: Word 'em up.
Shoko: [Puts her hand on her heart] They told me "all you really need is a good computer."
Princess Bubblegum: Amen. Wait, what?!
Shoko: They traded my arm to some tranch for a computer.
Princess Bubblegum: They what?!
[Shoko looks left and right, confused.]
Shoko: What?
Princess Bubblegum: Parents should protect their children!
Shoko: What? Really?
[Shoko looks at her missing arm and touches it.]
Shoko: Do you have any kids?
[The scene changes to the Candy Kingdom being built.]
Princess Bubblegum: All the Candy People are like my children, except young Mr. Cream Puff... he's like my boyfriend. Anyway, protecting my people is the most important thing to me. That's why I've got to take down the Bath Boy Gang.
Shoko: You think you can do that?
Princess Bubblegum: I got a plan—a secret, awesome plan. In the meantime, I've gotta cover this radioactive river with candy. Wanna help?
[Shoko nods, eagerly. Afterwards, Shoko and Princess Bubblegum are seen carrying two buckets on their shoulders.]
Princess Bubblegum: Thanks for pitching in, Shoko! You can stay here as long as you want.
[Shoko smiles. Suddenly, a Bath Boy gang member appears from the bushes.]
Bath Boy: Psst! Psst! Shoko!
Shoko: What are you doing here?!
Bath Boy: I'm spyin' on you. Wait 'til I tell boss that you quit the life for a cruddy day job!
Shoko: I'm gaining her trust, you momo. Say... you can help me.
Bath Boy: Huh?
[Shoko starts screaming.]
Shoko: Stay away from me you gang boy! Ahhhhh!
Princess Bubblegum: [gasps] A Bath Boy!
Bath Boy: What're you doing?!
Shoko: Be cool!
[Shoko kicks both of her buckets into the Bath Boy's face, hits him in the stomach with the stick, and lets her tiger push him off the cliff.]
Princess Bubblegum: That was bananamas! Where'd you learn to fight like that?
Shoko: My parents took me to a dojo when I was little... they never came back.
Princess Bubblegum: Wow. Your parents are the worst... hey, come with me. I wanna show you something.
[Shoko, her tiger, and Princess Bubblegum walk into a tent.]
Princess Bubblegum: My secret project is in here.
[Shoko gazes on two Gumball Guardians.]
Shoko: Whoa... what are they?
Princess Bubblegum: The Gumball Guardians. Wanna help me finish them?
Shoko: Yeah!
[Princess Bubblegum starts working on the Gumball Guardians, with Shoko giving her various tools, including a duck.]
Princess Bubblegum: That's it! There's just one last step.
[Princess Bubblegum takes off her amulet, and inserts it into a gumball machine's coin slot. The machine glows and then explodes, and the Gumball Guardians wake up.]
Princess Bubblegum: Hello.
Gumball Guardians: [In unison] Hello, mother!
Princess Bubblegum: Y'all go guard now, and don't let nobody mess with my stuff!
Princess Bubblegum: [To Shoko] Hey, guess what, thanks for helping me make those guys.
Shoko: I like feeling handy.
Princess Bubblegum: I want to repay you for your help.
Shoko: Oh, yeah? You gonna give me that amulet, maybe?
Princess Bubblegum: [laughs] No. No, dude, I made you a thing.
[Princess Bubblegum claps, to which a young Peppermint Butler responds by clumsily bringing a gold-colored box.]
Princess Bubblegun: That's it. You can do it.
Shoko: You made me a man servant?
Princess Bubblegum: [to Shoko] No! In the box.
[Shoko opens the box, and gasps with a look of surprise on her face. There is a mechanical arm inside.]
Shoko: Oh, no...
Princess Bubblegum: What do you mean "Oh, no"? I made you an arm! It's a dang plug 'n' play, girl.
Shoko: No, it's awesome... I can't believe it.
Princess Bubblegum: That's right, I'm a technical wonder-child.
Shoko: Yeah, I know. [She tears up.] I'm sorry, I gotta go to my room for no reason.
Princess Bubblegum: Okay! I thought we could do some two-arm stuff, but... uh, it's cool!
[Shoko returns to her room, with her tiger lying on the floor. She opens the box, and plugs in her new mechanical arm. She then remembers the Bath Boy leader's threat.]
Bath Boy Gang Leader [flashback]: Pretend my finger's a knife.
Shoko: [sighs] I'm sorry, Princess Bubblegum...
[The scene changes to Princess Bubblegum sleeping on her bed.]
Gumball Guardian: Are you okay, princess?
Princess Bubblegum: Ah, jeez, you're so loud!
Gumball Guardian: Are you in danger?
Princess Bubblegum: No! Don't just guard me! You need to protect everyone!
Gumball Guardian: Okay.
[The Gumball Guardian walks away, while Princess Bubblegum goes back to sleep. Shoko then sneaks up to her, about to nervously take her amulet. However, she shortly gets interrupted by a Gumball Guardian.]
Gumball Guardian: I knew it. Princess, you are getting jacked.
[Shoko quickly grabs the amulet and starts running away.]
Princess Bubblegum: Wha-hut? Whoa, hey!
Gumball Guardian: Halt!
[The Gumball Guardian fires lasers from his eyes, hitting the area where Shoko was about to drop down from.]
Shoko: Ahhhhhhhh!
[Shoko falls into the radioactive river.]
Princess Bubblegum: Get her out of there, quick!
Gumball Guardians: Yes, mom.
[One of the Gumball Guardians places his hand into the river, which appears to have melted when he pulls it out.]
Gumball Guardian: Uhhh...
Princess Bubblegum: Alright. Take a break for the night.
[Princess Bubblegum frowns and runs away. Shoko's tiger lies down beside the river.]
[BMO displays an "END OF SESSION" message. Finn gasps and wakes up.]
Jake: How you doin', buddy?
Finn: The past was to be reckoned with.
Jake: That's cool. Whachu' gonna do about it?
[Finn goes to the telephone, and starts dialing.]
Princess Bubblegum: [In German] Hallo, Bubblegum hier... [in English] atonement? Alright, Finn, I'm on my way.
[Finn puts the telephone down, and remembers one last scene from The Vault.]
[A horribly mutated version of Shoko pops out of the river, scaring her tiger away. She leaves her mechanical arm behind, while crawling towards a hill. She rests on a tree sapling, with the amulet in hand.]
Shoko: Ahhh... look at that. I got a new arm. That would be cool if I weren't about hit my reset button...
[Shoko lays her head on the ground, and the scene pans out to show the sunrise. It then switches to Finn's Tree Fort. Princess Bubblegum is shown entering Finn's house.]
Finn: Hey, hey. This way.
[Finn and Princess Bubblegum walk towards the end of the kitchen. Finn flips over the oven.
Jake: What was th—aww, no. [covers himself with his blanket] Dog-drangit, Finn...
[Finn breaks open the wooden planks on the floor, revealing the same ghostly Shoko from before, who gives Finn the amulet.]
Finn: Okay, here you go.
[Finn gives Princess Bubblegum the amulet.]
Princess Bubblegum: Whoa, what?! My amulet?! Wait a second... [gasps] Is that...?
Finn: It's me, Shoko! And PB, you're like a bazillion years old. You're not freaking nineteen! What the heck?!
[Princess Bubblegum gives a small, half-hearted laugh.]
Finn: Weirdo.
[Shoko gives Finn a thumbs up, no longer in her ghostly, mutated form.]
Finn: Heh. My vault feels lighter.

The episode ends.