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This is a quotes article made for notable quotations only.
Please use Template:Quote on each line.

Season 1

(to Finn) Ha ha ha ha ha! Jake's MY best friend now, forever!

—"My Two Favorite People"

(to Finn) No, Jake will be MINE!

—"My Two Favorite People"

(to Finn) You'll never defeat me! I WILL be Jake's best friend, because I'm Tiffany! (Finn spits on Tiffany) AAAAAAAHH!!

—"My Two Favorite People"

Season 5

Well, well. From the shadows of dream, the dog wakes to find its—uh... (reads arm) the dog wakes to find its mangy tail flopping in the dust like a fish in a tree. That fish is me, Tiffany!

—"One Last Job"

I know that vault inside and out. Every guard rotation, every camera, every deadly trap, and that safe is locked up so tight, it makes me wanna spit out my guts and cry about it. YOU EVEN HAVE A PLAN, JAKE?!

—"One Last Job"

Just like old times, right, Jake? When we were blood, we'd follow each other into the jaws of Death... on a pale horse.

—"One Last Job"

Now, uh... (reads arm) I'm the dog, and you're the tail. Now you chase me! YOU CHASE MY DREAMS!

—"One Last Job"

Oh, crud! Jake, I love you! I love you!

—"One Last Job"

Season 6

[in Finn's mind] Tiffany! Finn, I'm gonna kill you!


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