The Time Totem is a living ancient relic that embodies all heroic deeds that take place in Ooo and is introduced in the mobile game Time Tangle - Adventure Time.

Appearance Edit

As his title portrays, the Time Totem is an ancient tribal totem made from a carved log and sticks. The top of the totem, acting as the head, is a human skull with horns and large dark sockets with little red pules for eyes. This feature bears some resemblance to The Lich and is most of what lends to his evil appearance and why Finn and Jake assume he is a bad guy on first sight. There is a small curtain of old and dirty hair around his skull but for the most part, the top of his hair is bald. Most notably, draped beneath his head, is a somewhat large pocket watch suspended by a blue and white strap. This is presumably where he focuses his powers over time.

Abilities Edit

The Time Totem's most prominent power is the ability to freeze time as this is his single use in the game when collected by Finn. Of course he also embodies all heroic deeds in Ooo but it is unclear what this means specifically and never has much effect in the game itself. Aside from his active abilities, the Time Totem has eternal life and has been around for ages.

Personality Edit

Weather it is on purpose or unbeknownst to him, the Time Totem seems to be very devious and evil natured. He craves power but when it is stripped from him, he becomes very bitter and pitiful.

Trivia Edit

  • The Time Totem's watch always reads about 1:55 and never changes throughout the game.