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Timmy is Princess Bubblegum's large cat, who first appears in "The Pajama War." It is one of many animals Princess Bubblegum uses for transportation.

In "The Pajama War," it is seen in the secret room that Princess Bubblegum takes Finn into. This would explain why it has not been seen in other episodes, and why Princess Bubblegum does not talk about it.


Timmy appears to be a large cat. It has white and pink fur with a pink striped tail. Even though it has the normal features of a cat, it is very big. It also has triangular curved ears and paws.


Timmy appears to be an extremely friendly cat that always looks for attention. It has a close connection to Princess Bubblegum, who uses it for transportation and as a personal pet. It also quickly adapted to Finn, who liked the cat.


  • Timmy is featured on a shirt that Princess Bubblegum wears in "The Pajama War."


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