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Two Bread Tom was a human who appeared in the "Stakes" miniseries. He was a member of a tribe of humans that survived the Mushroom War and was a friend of Marceline's back when she was a Vampire Hunter.

In "Everything Stays," he makes his first appearance in Marceline's flashbacks as a leader of a human tribe after the Mushroom War. At first, he and his tribe were scared of Marceline but soon became good friends after getting more comfortable with her, and sharing a bond of music. He also led a project to build a boat that would evacuate the increasing human tribe members and himself away from the main land so that they could flee from the abnormal weather conditions affecting the continent.


Tom wore a long sacking hat over his head to possibly protect himself from Vampires. He wears long rectangular lensed glasses and is seen wearing a greenish coat with a white shirt underneath.

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