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Name Gumbald
Sex Male
Age 800+
Species Candy Person
Relatives Princess Bubblegum (Great Niece)

Neddy (Great Nephew) Mother Gum

Introduced in "Susan Strong" (mentioned)

Gumbald is Princess Bubblegum and Neddy's great-uncle. Although he has not yet appeared in an episode, Princess Bubblegum mentions him in "Susan Strong," claiming that he had cut down an entire field of taffy trees in a single night for some unknown reason. Finn and Jake were supposed to pull out all the tree stumps that he left behind but only pulled out one before encountering a metallic hatch that led them to Susan Strong.

Additionally, in the episode "Hot Diggity Doom," it is revealed that Gumbald built the log cabin that Princess Bubblegum and Peppermint Butler had to reside in after the King of Ooo took leadership of the Candy Kingdom. Princess Bubblegum is also said to have lived in this house when she was a child.

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  • He is the first known relative of Princess Bubblegum that has not been "created" by her.

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