This article is a transcript of the Adventure Time episode "Up a Tree" from season 5, which aired on November 26, 2012.

Grass Lands
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[Lady, Jake, and Finn are walking into an open field with a picnic blanket and basket]
Lady: [While walking] 으음, 내 임산부 배에 시원한 바람 쐬니까 좋다! ("Hmm. It's so good to get some fresh air on my pregnant belly!")
[Finn and Jake set down the blanket and Jake helps to coil Lady like a snake on top of it]
Finn & Jake: [Finn pulls out three mugs] Ohhhh! [Finn pulls out a plate of cookies] Ahhh!
Finn: [He pulls out a Frisbee] Oh! Oh, man! My throwing and catching disc! Jake! Wanna play throw-n-catch throwing a catching disc?!
Jake: Ha ha! Yeah man!
Finn & Jake: [Chanting] Throw-n-catch! Throw-n-catch!
Jake: [Running away] I call being dog and you be human!
Finn: [Following Jake] Alright
[Finn and Jake both run away from the picnic saying "yeah" and "wooo"]
Jake: Dog! Dog Dog Dog Dog!
Finn: You mean "bark."
Jake: What? Oh yeah. [chuckles] Bark! Bark Bark Bark Bark! [Chuckles]
Finn: [Over emphatically] Hello, I am a human. Hello, I am a human.
[They stop near a tree in the field]
Jake: Ready! Bark!
Finn: [Waving Jake to back up] Back up a little! [Jake complies] [Finn waves him back two more times] [Finn gives Jake a thumbs up] And now for the perfect throw! [Does a mock warm-up throw and various stretches] Ah, oh, hammies. [Steps back] [Runs forward] Peeeeerfeeeeeeect Throoooooow!
Jake: [The disk flies up to the top of an extremely tall tree] [chuckles] More like the perfect blow! That blew.
Finn: Aw, come on! That was the wind! The wind blows!
Jake: [Jake stretches to the top of the tree] Hey, you want me to grab it?
Finn: Naw, I'll get it!
Jake: Okay, but it's right here
Finn: [In a Southwestern accent] Sometimes a man [Dramatic pause] just has to retrieve his own disc. [Starts towards the tree]
Jake: [Jake is running towards Finn and vice versa] [As they pass, a hand from Jake's back high fives Finn] Good luck buddy!
Finn: Thanks!
[Finn runs up to the tree and looks up. He tries to grab onto a low branch, but it breaks and he falls a short distance. He immediately gets up and tries again. He walks a short distance around the tree and stops to look up again. He turns around and blows a raspberry. As he covers his eyes, a porcupine crawls out on a higher up branch.]
Porcupine: Oh, well hello there my friend. What are you doing?
Finn: I'm trying to get to the top of this tree to get my disc.
Porcupine: Oh, well maybe I can help! [He rolls into a spiky ball and rolls down the tree] Sit on me.
Finn: Uhhhh, What?
Porcupine: [Soft chuckle] Well sit on my needles and the shock will boost you high up into the air! [Chuckles] Sit on me, its okedo-its fine, go ahead.
Finn: I don't think that kinda thing really works, actually.
Porcupine: You can do it if you believe in yourself! Sit on me.
Finn: [Looks up and waves him off] No. [He turns around and begins to walk away]
Porcupine: Oooh, alriight, I'll shooow you! [He walks closer and then jumps into Finn's buns]
Finn: [Does the girlish scream from "Burning Low"] Ouch! [He swats away the porcupine, but two quills remain in his butt]
Porcupine: Sorry! I thought that would work. [chuckles remorsefully] [He rolls back up the tree to the same branch] [sighs quickly] I'm just no help at all. [Returns to hole in tree]
Finn: Ooch! [Removes quills] Hmmm. [He begins climbing the tree like a peg wall with the quills] [When he reaches the branch, he shouts into the hole] See! Ya did help! [He continues climbing]
Finn: [He continues climbing and pauses from exhaustion] Poooooped! [He climbs a short ways and lays on a large branch] [sighs] Pooooooped!
Squirrel: Oh I apologize for staring, [Finn looks over and says "Hmmm?"] but I've never seen a chipmunk as big as you
Finn: [laughs] I'm not a chipmunk! I'm a human boy! I'm trying to climb the tree, I'm trying to get my disc back. But for now I'm takin' a break, because I am pooooped!
Squirrel: You should eat an apple to reinvigorate your climbing ability. [Points to an apple above his head]
Finn: No thanks, I'm good, just gonna rest my meat hooks. [sighs]
Squirrel: [The squirrel climbs up and retrieves the apple and jumps down in front of Finn with it] Huh? Huh? [He offers him the apple, but Finn silently refuses] [The squirrel persist and Finn tries to push him back] [Finn grunts and the apple is forced into his mouth]
Squirrel: [The squirrel jumps off of him and the apple falls away] [He shrinks and spits out the apple] Aw, that apple was cursed or something. I'm sorry, I didn't know. Oh, dear I ruined your day and now you'll never get your disc.
Finn: Naw, it's okay. I've been in worse situations. And even though I'm tiny, I do feel invigorated.
Squirrel: Oh, good! What a relief! [His eyes shift away momentarily] Best of luck to you! [He climbs away]
Finn: Bye! Bye! [He turns around and kicks the apple away] Choo Choo! [He picks up the quills and looks up] Ya can't stop the train! Tree! [He begins climbing again, but when he takes a short break, one of the quills breaks. He looks startled and continues climbing] [He takes a break on a similar large branch and looks up to see the full extent of the tree shrouded in clouds. He looks back down at the broken quills and tosses them aside] Woof. [He puts his face down]
Jake: [Jake stretches up to Finn] Wohoah! You're tiny!
Finn: I ate a magic apple by mistake.
Jake: Uhh! No wonder it's been takin' so long! Need any help?
Finn: Nah, I got it.
Jake: Okay, well, I'm gonna walk Lady home. I'll be back later. Don't eat any more magic apples. Silly.
Finn: Yeah. No I won't. [Jake stretches away] I don't plan to.
Jake: [Jake runs over to lady who is packing up the basket and kisses her] Thank you for packing.
Lady: 천만에. ("Don't mention it.")
Jake: You should take it easy.
Lady:  괜찮아. ("It's fine.")
Jake: No, no, let's get you back.
Finn: [Looks up at the clouded tree as the fog clears showing how tall it is] Blegh! DISC! [He continues to climb. As he climbs, the background and mood of the shot changes to show that he is climbing over several portions of the tree] [Regular tree, Scarred tree, Windy tree, Worm-infested tree, and Butterfly covered tree] [Butterflies wipe across the screen and the very top of the tree is shown]
Finn: [He pops up out of the foliage] Woooo! [Looks around] Where's my dingus? [Retreats back into the tree]
Finn: [He is now on a branch with the squirrel a little ways into the background coiling some kite string attached to a kite] Hey! Hey, buddy! Hey, have you seen [The shot moves to the squirrel with Finn in the background. Therefore, Finn is much quieter] my disc! Hey, I'm over here! Hey!
Squirrel: [humming]
Finn: [While the squirrel talks over him] Hey! I'm over here! Have you seen my disc?
Squirrel: [singing] Wrap it up good so I don't trip and fall on my face like the last time.
Finn: Heeey! [The squirrel goes inside] Musta could not heard me. [He begins jumping from small branch to small branch towards the hole] Doing, doing, doing. [Now at the hole] Hey squirrel! [He looks up to see a doorway illuminated and voice coming from within]
Owl: [Finn is running up the stairs] I think we all agree, the human must be stopped! [In a Southwestern drawl]
Finn: [He stops running at the top] Woah!
Owl: [Various grunts and mumbles] Squirrel! What happened with the apple?
Squirrel: [Finn creeps towards the doorway] Well, I made sure he ate that apple like you guys told me to do, but get this! [The scene now shows a small wood platform with a glowing green skull at the center. Two squirrels, two woodpeckers, an owl, a chipmunk, a beaver, and a porcupine all sit around it] It made him smaller! I think it mighta been cursed you guys!
Owl: Well a-course it was cursed! We're tryin' to stop the human! [The squirrel looks confused] [sighs] [He puts a hand on his forehand] Look, just do me a kindness and go get me some more nut milk. [The squirrel backs out from the circle to get it] Come on fellas! I feel like I'm the only one comin' up with ideas here, Lenny! How do you think we should stop the human?
Lenny the Beaver: Uuum… Maybe uh, trapdoor! Sometin' like that, with gravity! [Finn is leaning into the doorway]
Owl: Hey, yeah! We could put like a rug over it!
Finn: [Finn looks up on top of a pile in the corner and sees his disc] [gasp] My disc! [All the animals turn and gasp] Uuuh, It's okay, III'm a chipmunk.
All the animals: [Chanting and staring] In the tree, part of the tree.
Squirrel: [Finn begins to run, but bumps into the squirrel with the nut milk] Sorry.
All the animals: In the tree, part of the tree. In the tree, part of the tree. In the tree, part of the tree.
Lenny: [While the others chant] Yaaaaaaaa! [Lifts up an acorn and knocks Finn out with it]
Finn: [Finn is on the floor inside a jail cell with the squirrel on guard outside] [groans] Huh? [Finn walks up to the bars]
Squirrel: What?
Finn: Uuuh, I didn't say anything. [The squirrel looks away] [Pause] What are they gonna do to me?
Squirrel: What?
Finn: [Louder than before] What are they gonna do-
Squirrel: I'm not allowed to talk to you. [Finn looks down] [Pause] Anyone and anything that winds up in the tree becomes part of the tree forever and ever. In the tree, part of the tree.
Finn: So does that mean I'm a prisoner forever?
Squirrel: Well yes. And no. Are you a prisoner? Yes. Will you ever be free? No. In the tree, part of the tree. It's very simple.
Finn: Doesn't that mean that you can't leave the tree either?
Squirrel: No I- Well yes and no. Am I allowed to leave the tree? No. Have I already left the tree? Am I miles away from the tree right now flying around like the flying squirrel that I am? Yes! In my mind! In- my- mind! [Turns and looks wistfully out the window at the clouds]
Finn: [Looking concerned] Do you like it here?
Squirrel: Yeah! [Shrugging] Well, yes and no. Do I like the nuts and acorns? Yes. Do I like it when they put me down and say mean things like "You're not a flying squirrel, you're just a regular squirrel! Nyaah!"? No. Do I wanna fly away from this place now? Yes. Would I make a break for it if I had a buddy to break out with? Yes.
Finn: Hey buddy.
Squirrel: What?
Finn: [Steps through the somewhat wide bars] Let's get outta here. [The squirrel looks elated, now Finn is riding the squirrel as he runs through the hallways. Now back in the meeting room, the woodpecker is telling the owl something and the owl is chuckling along with the others. Finn is slowly lowered towards his disc by the squirrel] I got it!

Owl: What are you doing regular, nonflying squirrel? Put that back! [The squirrel blows a raspberry at him] [gasps] How dare you! [Finn and the squirrel run away laughing] Well alright! Everybody after those…two!
Finn: [Him and the squirrel run out of the tree onto the branch. Finn is walking on his own now] Okay! I'm gonna throw the disc alongside the branch the we'll jump on it and fly away!
Squirrel: Yeah!
Finn: Perfect! Throw! [The disc flies straight, but then veers off like the first time] Sooo, It's a- It's a good thing you're a flying squirrel. Huh.
Squirrel: Well yes and no. [Chanting is heard behind then and the squirrel rotates his head making a cracking sound]
Finn: [He grabs the squirrel and drags him to the side of the branch in front of him, kicks him off, and jumps after him] [As he's falling] Peace ooooout! [They are falling extremely fast now] Okay! Activate your squirrel flaps!
Squirrel: Flaps? No, I just have regular squirrel arms!
Finn and the Squirrel: [They fall a little farther through the clouds and see the ground] Aaaaaaah!
Squirrel: Oh! No- [The disc flies under them and takes them with it]
Finn: Hey! We're flying! [He and the squirrel are on top of the disc flying across the landscape.]
Squirrel: Oohoho-Oh yeah! [laughs]
Finn: Wooo! [They glide along looking at the landscape and wave to the not so hidden snail] Hey look! There's Jake! [He points down towards Lady's house] Jake! [He waves]
Jake: [Finn muffles "Jake!". Jake is mixing pickles and ice cream into a bowl on account of Lady. Finn and the squirrel fly by the window and he yells "Jake!" again] [long gasp] [He whispers] The perfect throw! [Jake waves to Finn and Finn waves back]
[Finn and the squirrel fly off into the sunset]

Episode ends