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August 4, 2012
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I'm a Force of Nature! BONK!!

Hi Guys I'm JackTDTS but you can call me Jack. I love adventure time and I think Finn deserves Flame Princess, also on chat do not banned me from chat if I say "I bet you wish you were my butt." I happy that Finn has a girlfriend but I liked it when it was just Finn and Jake. I think it would be awesome to see a AT Lord of the Rings parody, I love the Lord of the Rings story.

Here are pictures!:

Adventure time mario game

Adventure Time, Bros!

Haters gonna hate darkspore by cagallirr-d4yzd4l

The picture says it all...


I'm a tough tottin baby I can punchun your buns!

Finn Manly face editing

So True......

Edit a boss

I'm a random citizen!

Pep but

This is why I love peppermint butler...


Only if Finn and FP break up...

Tf2 mlpfim

Okay I like both MLPFIM and TF2. Deal with it.


i want this game so badly...

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