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S.U.M.M.E.R (Sun, U Made Me Eat Recreation!)
Name Katty000
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Motto If you need a show that you need to entertain to, then Adventure Time should be just for you.

Fun Adventure Time Zone

If you need a show that you need to entertain too, then Adventure Time should be just for you.


Hi and welcome to my profile! I'm kind of old here, :P, since June 25, 2012. I actually been an Adventure Time Fan since February 15, 2012. I'm a HUGE Adventure Time Fan. If u have any questions about AT, post them on my Talk Page. Thanks!

My Favorite Adventure Time Characters

There's sooo many, I can't even keep track on all of them! :P

  1. Earl of Lemongrab - Him being sooo stubborn and him screaming
  2. Lumpy Space Princess - Her personality and her strange voice ^^
  3. Me-Mow - Her fighting and personality (and evilness too)
  4. Starchy - His "third-person talking" and dancing (ex: when he says Starchy and he is really Starchy)
  5. Choose Goose - Him talking in rhymes
  6. Gunter - His personality and "fart" noises ^_^, Ice King too ^^
  7. BMO - It's singing and personality
  8. Tree Trunks - Just her personality :P
  9. Peppermint Butler - Same as Tree Trunks, and his "funniest" too ^^
  10. Flame Princess - Her personality and relationship with Finn
  11. Marceline - Her EVILNESS and "funniest" too
  12. Princess Monster Wife - ALL mixed up with all princesses and including LSP, one of my favorite AT characters! Makes PMW extra funny too :P

My Favorite Adventure Time Episodes

  1. You Made Me! -LEMONGRABBB ISSS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Too Young - First appearence of EL
  3. Gotcha - LSP is the main character in this episode and is funny ^^
  4. The Creeps - The part where LSP is on the toilet screaming "AAH!!! I'M DYING!!!" and she comes out pretty good
  5. Memory of a Memory - The Baby Finn Song (Favorite Song on AT)
  6. Ocean of Fear - Finn screaming about the ocean, kind of funny :P
  7. Five Short Graybles - The "Smell" Part, Ice King thinks that Gunter "stinks" and sends him away, and actually, the smell was from the ICE KING. So Gunter was mad at the Ice King and at the end of the part Gunter REALLY farted.
  8. From Bad to Worse - Starchy thinks he was safe by standing on top of a building, so he does a little dance and got swooped by a bird-like creature
  9. Power Animal - Jake and BMO singing "Where's Finn?"
  10. Another Way - Finn terrified by clowns, kind of funny :P
  11. Jake vs Me-Mow - Me-Mow's first appearence, SHE'S SOO EVIL!!! ^^
  12. Goliad - "Baby Finn Song" appears in this episode too

Funniest Moments Of AT Characters

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1000px-S1e1 starchy screaming

Choose goose 2


S2e16 Beemo

Tumblr lgkb36yEvM1qfy2kdo1 500

Peppermint Butler - Too Young - When he was screaming

Tumblr lox87robEZ1qglteho1 500

Princess Monster Wife transparent

Quotes From Favorite AT Characters


—Earl of Lemongrab

No, way. First, I'm gonna fall in luv with one of those little guys, and then I'm gonna fall out of luv. And then I'm gonna totally fake die, of a heart attack! Oh my heart! My heart hurts because I fell out of luv! And now I have to die! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

—Lumpy Space Princess

GRAHH!!! U LIAR!!!!!!!!


Don't squeeze me, I'LL FART!!!


Hello, I'm Choose Goose! Would you like some juice?

—Choose Goose

Adventure Time Collectables

What I Have

  • Jake vs Me-Mow Pack with DVD and Finn Hat
  • Dude It Yourself Adventure
  • Adventure Time DS Game: Hey Ice King!...
  • My 2 Favourite People DVD
  • AT Mad Libs
  • Jake Plush Toy

What I Want

  • Righteous Rules For Being Awesome
  • It's A Slamacowtastic Story Mix-Up
  • Get Your Lump On With LSP

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