Salutations, Citizens! I have decided to create an early column, requested by APD (Arabaria Police Department). APD needs your help! Troublemaker, a Serial Killer, is on the loose! If you have read my newspaper, the Arctic Times, Issue 1, I have written information about him. Please check this page if you haven't read the newspaper and if you want to find more about Troublemaker's recent killing.

  Anyway, APD asked if I could have more Police Deparments throughout Wolftopia keep an eye for him, and track him down if they can. Unfortunately, APPD (Arctic Pavillion Police Department), needs more officers. Leave a message here saying you are trustworthy of being an Officer for APPD if you want to be one.

  Anyway, APD is hoping to find the documents of Troublemaker, and see his real name and more personal informaton. 

  Our goal is to get Troublemaker behind bars, which is a high risk. First of all, superheroes do not exist in Animalia, and we want to live while getting him in jail. Also we need to know where he is right now. The whereabouts are hard. He could be anywhere by now, and we want to stop him from killing other people. Please help!

  However, as Princess of the Arctic Wolves, I must protect all the citizens of Arctic Pavillion. It is my job to keep you safe, and I do not want to put anybody in the face of danger. Although it is risky, we still need to make sure that other wolves are safe, too. I do not want anybody to get harmed in any way. When on this mission, please take precautions. I want everybody to live a happy life, but that never ALWAYS happens. 

   I am assigning this mission to you. This is important, and it is okay if you fail, because you will not be punished, or banished from Wolftopia.  Try your best not to fail, die, or get injured. I want you to be safe on this misson. Thank you!