Salutations, citizens of Wolftopia! Princess Christine here, telling you that I am part of the Arctic Pavillion Welcome Committee. And for many of you who are most likely unknown, you have gained a new friend.

However, the Arctic Pavillion Welcome Committee is in need of help. If you would like to sign up for the Welcome Committee, you may leave a message on my Talk Page. I am only picking the best of the best, so I am very sorry if you do not get picked.

  Well, I will be showing you around Arctic Pavillion. First off is our very popular place, the Crystal Square. In the Crystal Square you will be finding shops and fruit stands that leads to the Farmer's Market. In the Crystal Square, you  can find the special Crystal Castle, where I live in. You are welcome to come inside anytime, but you must follow the Arctic Law. A copy of the Wolftopia Constitution is inside each castle in Wolftopia. Admission is free, so whenever you want to you may come in.

   Walk down the street towards the left and you will find yourself in Snowflake Creek, complete with an Ice Skating Stadium. Also, it has the Pack Creator, where all single wolves gather and get to know eachother, and if they find the right mate they can start a pack together. In fact, thanks to the creation of Snowflake Creek, the best skaters in Wolftopia is in the borders of Arctic Pavillion.

 After Snowflake Creek is Hunting Area #1, which has the most prey out of all the Hunting Areas in Arctic Pavillion.   This is where danger starts. When you go through the forest of Hunting Area #1, you are now not in the borders of Arctic Pavillion. You would be in Tundra Islands, part of Wolftopia. However you will not sink in the water, because Tundra Islands is not connected to Wolftopia, although it is designated to be part of Wolftopia. There is a new bridge being built, and it is still under construction, so it would be impossible for you to explore Tundra Islands, until the bridge is built. It is hard to get in other places, because it might be a little bit dangerous for you. Until you have lived in   Arctic Pavillion for about 3 months, you may be able to visit other states of Wolftopia. Anyway, Hunting Area #1 is mainly quiet, and prey would usually come by from outside the forest. Now there is a limited number of packs in each Hunting Area depending on how large it is. In Hunting Area #1, there can only be up to 8 packs. But that's okay.  When packs leave, another pack may take its spot. Also, there are other Hunting Areas in Arctic Pavillion, so it's pretty much okay.

   Next place is the Icicle Market, the main place to buy alll equipment needed for your pack. In the middle is a little nursery store, for all the mothers-to-be. Of course, we've got some diapers, baby powder, and little chew toys for your litter. 

 The other store in Icicle Market is the Meat Palace, a store that sells fresh meat. Arctic hares, rock ptarmigan, muskoxen, caribou, lemmings, fresh meat, already cooked for you. They also sell a few vegan meals, such as vegtables and fruits. 

 Next is the Clothing Store. You can buy as much clothing as you want, and it is not that expensive. All of the clothing is about up to 25 bits.

There are many more stores, but I do not want to take up all your time.

 Of course there is our special Snowball Library, with a small study area for homework. Many books to read, and you can sign up and get a Library Membership Card for free.

Speaking of homework, in the Snowball Learning Area, you will find Pre-school, Elementary, Middle School, and of course, High School. However, Colleges are not found in this area. Colleges are found throughout Wolftopia, although just not here in the Snowball Learning Area. All schools are seperated from eachother, so they can all have a little bit room. This is the second most biggest area in Arctic Pavillion. The largest area in Arctic Pavillion is the Crystal Square.

  Hunting Areas #2, 3, 4, and 5, all are active. Although Hunting Area #4 has not been much active, and if it doesn't become much active as the others, it might get shut down and replaced with a new area.

 Well, that's all of Arctic Pavillion! I hope you enjoy your stay, and you can buy houses anywhere throughout Wolftopia. Farewell, Citizens!