Okay, I have been thinking of starting my own wiki. Unfortunately, this keeps on zooming through my head and I really need to edit anything here on this wiki, like finding any spelling or grammar mistakes, adding a couple of more facts in the Trivia section, this, and that. Pretty much. I can't concentrate well so I really need some help. 

 I am not a therapist. No I am not a Physicist, or a Psychiatrist. I can't fix my problems. I need ideas. All I can think of is Adventure Time, My Little Pony, and Beanie Boos. I cannot find any ideas.

Things just got serious, people. Star Testing and all...I can't concentrate. Comment below and list all the ideas you're not going to use. If you are using one of the ideas you have listed down below please tell me ASAP, and you clearly didn't think that through.


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