BREAKING NEWS: Tiger cub befriends Arctic Wolf pup

Hello, Citizens of Arctic Pavillion! Princess Christine here to say that a tiger cub from Meowaria was found playing with an Arctic Wolf pup. This is very strange, because cats and dogs have known to be rivals, although these two are not fully grown and think that cats and dogs react with eachother very well. The bond between the two has been phenomenal, since this has basically never happened before, and never has a citizen of Meowaria would travel to such a place, Wolftopia.

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Tiger cub from Meowaria playing with Arctic Wolf pup

Wolf Tragedy #13: Alpha Male died from Serial Killer

Alas, another wolf died in Wolftopia, taking place outside the borders of Arctic Pavillion. However, this is an Arctic Wolf that has been killed from a Serial Killer in Arabaria. Unfortunately, he was the Alpha Male of the pack that has gone to explore Wolftopia, first at Arabaria, the place he admired more than the others.

 He promised his children that he would be back. Sadly, his promise has broken and his family is probably forever depressed. That is why I have decided to let them stay at a suite in the Castle.

This Alpha Male has been killed by a Serial Killer, an Arabian Wolf from Arabaria. He is known as Troublemaker, and so far the Arctic Times Journalists are tracking his whereabouts. They have interviewed APD (Arabaria Police Department).

 We promise that we will put Troublemaker behind bars, and contact you if we spot him. Hopefully Troublemaker isn't up to any "trouble" by now, and hopefully we could take him down. I am very sorry for the Alpha Male's Family, and I hope they feel well after their loved one's death. 


 The Arctic Times Journalists have been able to find and take the Arabian Blanket the Alpha Male promised to get for his children. They have given it to me, and I have put it in their suite.
Arabian Blanket

Arabian Blanket

New Restaurant opened in Hunting Area #4

A new restaurant has opened in Hunting Area #4. I have given them permission to build their restauraunt near the trees since barely anybody has been going to Hunting Area #4. Since it wasn't active as much as the other Hunting Areas, the restaurant has been built quickly. Since it is the only building in that area, I am free to say that the restaurant has it's own special piece of land, and they might create a juice bar with a dessert store next to it, although both of the stores are being owned by the restaurant's owner. Everyone is free to eat in it, and the restaurant's name is Cooper's Kitchen.

Cooper was able to interview with the Journalists, so let's see what he said.

(Bold print is Cooper's words, and the Bold Italics is the Journalists' words.)

So, Cooper, what gave you the idea of opening a restaurant in Hunting Area #4?

I wanted to open a restaurant in Hunting Area #4 because many packs are not able to get all the food they wanted, and opening a restaurant where people hunt for food would be great, so I could hunt myself and bring it inside to cook it.

What if you can't find any prey you could hunt and take down in Huntinf Area #4?

I would probably go to the other Hunting Areas. If not, I would start selling vegan meals.

Have you thought about opening your juice bar and dessert store?

I don't know, maybe I could open it, although making juice and smoothies, and protein shakes would be hard since I barely know how to make some. And what equipment should I use for desserts?

Are you thinking about hiring more employees? Some that know how to create drinks and desserts?

I might go to Snowflake Creek and go to the Pack Creator. I am still a single wolf, so I need to get my mate, but one that knows how to create desserts. My sister and brother is hoping to join my pack, and they know just the right thing to create drinks.

Thank you for your time, Cooper.

You are very much welcome.

-Interview with Cooper and the Arctic Times Journalists

Well, that's pretty much it for today. Farewell, Citizens!