There are about as many theories about Adventure Time as there are stars in the sky. Well, maybe not that many, but there are definitely a lot. I will be exploring these theories about the Land of Ooo, Finn the Human, the Candy Kingdom, Ice King, and many others. The one I will be exploring today will be concerning the Land of Ooo. Where is it? This question has plagued the viewers of the show since the very beginning and many have just written it off as "just a fantasy land", but others, like myself, have questioned and wondered where Finn, Jake, and all our favorite Adventure Time characters preside. Some say it's all in Finn's head. Some say it's in another universe. I believe it's Earth.

So what does Ooo look like as a whole? We aren't given a very clear image, at first glance, since all we see is the landscape and not the actual planet, but a few minor scenes in the show convey a shocking image of their land that was not expected. In the episode The Real You, when Finn put on some glasses, we zoom into his skin, then cells, molecules, ect. and then we get into this wierd paradox where we fly past galaxies,
Screen Shot 2014-01-04 at 3.46.42 PM

Ear- I mean, the Land of Ooo...

a star... and Earth? What's more, we see the same exact image on a spinning globe in Five Short Graybles. Is it really our Earth? Or just another planet inhabited by life? There are a few differences between their planet and ours, one of them being the giant crater blown into the side of it. Another is the shape of the continents. None of them resemble the ones we have here. They appear oddly shapen, not like any of our continents. Then, why do I believe it's Earth? To this, I point to the gigantic crater. It obviously was not always there; something must have hit the planet and left a devestating mark. This "mark", however it was created, would have changed the environment quite a bit. Actually, a lot. The ocean that once inhabited that part of the planet would've had to move over to the part of the world that was not destroyed, resulting in sea levels rising and the water enveloping the lands in water. This would explain why the continents look so mishapen and why in a few of the episodes, buildings and structures are under water. This might even help us understand Finn's fear of water, if he was indeed there during this apparent tragedy. If was alive then, he most likely would have had to migrate or at the least watch in horror as millions blew up. Let's go back to Five Short Graybles. The spinning globe shows a continent that looks somewhat similar to Africa. This is the same one that we focus on when we go through the zooming paradox that originated from Finn's head. This continent is particuarly large and looks like a backwards "P". It looks a little different from the continents current state, but, from what I proved a short moment ago, shows that that may have happened from rising sea levels. 

Just looking at the planets geography does not fully prove that this is Earth. From what I have shown, it is also quite possible that it is just coinsidence and the fact that the place where Finn lives looks like Africa could be purely coincidental. To fully prove that this is Earth, we must see if there is evidence from our life, that is if this is Earth in the future. I point first to the thing we see before the cartoon even officially begins: the theme. Even in the first shot, we are just bombarded by evidence of our existence; a TV, cassettes, headphones. These are just a few of the things that can be seen just in the very first shot. Throughout the show, we also sky scrapers, tanks, ships, planes, and vehicles; all of them evidence of our existence. At the same time, one could argue that these are just things that those of Ooo have created themselves and they just happen things we have now. This is quite possible, though I think it would be odd for the writers to place modern things among the medival feel of the show.

The planet of Ooo is only a synonym for Earth. They are clearly the same thing by their geographical appearance and their evidence of our civilization. This question has been answered, but there are still many left to solve; Why does Earth/Ooo have a huge gash in it's side? What caused it? What happened to human kind? Why is Finn the only one left?