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    I was going to write this blog last night, but over some inexplicable reason it was deleted before I could post it, only now have I gotten the urge to write it again.

    So let me start by giving the less important details on this episode:

    I found the setting to be pretty interesting, specifically the survival horror situation they are pu through, akin to Alien. This episode dealt with PB's well known act of rational planning and thinking, the way she anticipated every problem that could occur and the only possible solution, which ends with even Finn and Jake baffled about wether or not it was right or wrong, but having to ultimately accept it.

    But I want to discuss the main development in this episode that barely anybody seems to notice; Finn's…

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  • -Mr·Bubbles

    The Pit Discussion

    November 19, 2013 by -Mr·Bubbles

    Right off the bat, awesome episode.

    It was both, Funny and it provided us with some interesting backstory about Joshua and Kee-Oth, it even had some minor heartwarming moments.

    When it comes to AT's subliminal adult themes, I thought episodes like Frost & Fire would be the pinnacle of sexual themes, but this episode took it to a whole new level with Jakes frigging sex tapes!

    Also, Jake really is J.T. Dawgzone! That's just weird and it explains a lot. But it's kinda sad that the blood sword wasn't repaired, I liked that sword.

    And just on a minor side note, that ending line about FP kinda baffles me for some odd reason.

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  • -Mr·Bubbles

    Earth & Water recap

    August 26, 2013 by -Mr·Bubbles

    Ok, so we just saw the episode, time to recap:

    In general, this was a pretty emotional and developmental episodes, we learned FP's backstory and we see a lot of her character and how she copes with this situation.

    We learn exactly how she got locked up, which is revealed to be completely on her fathers note, we see her befriend CB. And for the biggest turn in the plot, she overthrows her father and rules the Fire Kingdom, in an attempt to be a far gooder ruler than her father ever was, right down to wearing similar clothing and locking him up. And Finn and FP do not get back together, but they're glad that they can be close friends for now.

    Even though this seemed to tie up the story arc, I don't think this is going to be the ending of FP's s…

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    Ok, so alot has been announced and theorized during the past few days. Judging by some Formspring answers Adam Muto was giving, it was stated that Wizards only fools is NOT the season finale, but i rather, something big will be airing sometime before season 6 acting as a real finale to season 5, fans have obviously concluded that this could be the hour special that was pushed off for later. seeing how season 6 has yet to be fully announced, and that there's little known about a season 7, this seems to be the case.

    Right off the bat, i don't need to explain much when i mention what would have been season fives hour special that got pushed off for later.

    But i'm wondering, what was or what is this special? it's natural that every season (…

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  • -Mr·Bubbles

    After reading Doomsdayngers theory on Finn The Human, i ended up coming up with my own little theory on Adventure Times universe, this was originally just a post but i figured i would elaborate a little on it.

    Now before i begin, im going to go off topic to explain a little about Bioshock, the games that gave me and Dooms our theories:


    In a nutshell, the Bioshock franchise is usually based around uniquely built cities that were to be utopias, but eventually fall hard into dystopias due to the corrupt tyrants who ruled them, and what is meant to be a messiah who has an involvement in their eventual downfall.

    in Bioshock 1 and Bioshock Infinite, the protagonist has to use a lighthouse to get to these dystopias, and it's established in B…

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