I was going to write this blog last night, but over some inexplicable reason it was deleted before I could post it, only now have I gotten the urge to write it again.

So let me start by giving the less important details on this episode:

I found the setting to be pretty interesting, specifically the survival horror situation they are pu through, akin to Alien. This episode dealt with PB's well known act of rational planning and thinking, the way she anticipated every problem that could occur and the only possible solution, which ends with even Finn and Jake baffled about wether or not it was right or wrong, but having to ultimately accept it.

But I want to discuss the main development in this episode that barely anybody seems to notice; Finn's maturity:

The real internal conflict in this episode occurs with Finn and his lack of self-esteem. Let's go back to Too Old, the events Too Old probably lead up to what was one of the biggest moments in Finn's life where he ultimately felt like an idiot. Throughout the episode, Finn had to assist PB in saving Lemonhope from Lemongrab, but in reality, he didn't care about helping PB or saving Lemonhope, he was childishly trying to impress and enkindle PB with pranks (something she only liked when they were 13) for his own selfish gain. Near the ending, however, when she scolded him and told him she has no interest in his childish games, this was a major slap in the face that he needed, it opened his eyes for numerous reasons.

We know how much it had changed his romantic perspective, having him realize that him and PB wouldn't work out and how much FP meant to him and how much he messed up with her, but we're now establishing how much this has affected his  self-consciousness and maturity, the same things that initially caused all of his problems. 

Throughout this episode, we're watching Finn having to once again assist PB in a major situation. This time, however, he's trying to stay focused and uses rational thought; when PB asks him for some suggestions, he gets completely surprised and attempts to use a more cautious idea, calling for help, the same thing PB wanted him to do in Too Old. Moments later, he assures PB that he will figure out a plan, not to impress PB, but to be legitimately attentive to the situation. He's trying not to be the selfish impedance he was acting as before, he's actually trying to be responsible this time around.

When we reach the climax, we're treated to what may have been one of the most surprising and unexpected moments in the perspective relationship between PB and Finn. Finn ends up having the same idea as PB, having someone sacrifice themselves, which PB knows is the only viable solution, the problem is, Finn wants to do it. You can see during Finn's heroic speech that she has the same expression as Jake and James, shock and surprise. She is forced to knock Finn and Jake out because she has a meta plan that only involves James, Finn's plan could have potentially outweighed hers and have been executed. This is what makes this episode so interesting about Finn and PB, Finn had the right idea that would have happened, but PB thoughtfully had a meta plan that would ultimately resolve everything without such tragedy. 

Near the ending, Finn, without knowing about PB's plan, questions why she wouldn't let him sacrifice himself, showing that he knew full well that he'd die, and he wanted to in James place. Even when knowing James could be cloned he was still shocked, because he knows that somebody still died in his place, and he still feels it should have been him.

In a nutshell, what makes this episode so interesting is the fact that it externally showcases PB's thoughtful planning and her rational thinking, while it internally showcases Finn's maturity with his damaged self-esteem and eventual sense of responsibility, and ultimately has the two collide in a disastrous situation.

Also, we're treated to a cliff-hanger, new story arc?