heyyy 27finsprincess here!

Yeahhh...has anybody seen the two previews for Goliad the new episode that airs June 4th?? Well it looks AMAZINGG...I cannot wait!! here are the video
Adventure Time - Goliad (long preview)00:31

Adventure Time - Goliad (long preview)

long preview

Adventure Time - Goliad (short preview)00:16

Adventure Time - Goliad (short preview)

s if you didn't see them...

Okay a few questions I have...omg if young PB comes back I am going to scream and faint and make a video of it and put it on You Tube and it will get like 100,000,000,000 views it will be so funny. I think this because it is the same voice actor as young PB, I mean why would they have the SAME voice actor. But my prediction may be wrong in the short preview there is a big cat like creature that is pink and may possibly be the Goliad also. I looked up what a Goliad is but a castle and a war came up so I think the name is random.

Please put your predictions and questions and I hope we can get to the bottom of this! This looks like it will make me happy after the crappiness that was on this Monday. By the way if Goliad is ypung PB I am going to be team Fubblegum baby!! OMG I'm sooo excited!!