hey, 27finsprincess here, again!

okay I know what you are thinking from the title...Finn WITH susan strong what the heck?? IT IS POSSIBLE YOU GUYS!! Why doesn't anybody ship them? I know Susan is like late 20's, but she say be the closest thing to a human Finn can marry, if something magical can happen with FP, marcy, and PB then that's a different story. Another possible eason why people may not be shipping the couple is that she may be Finn's mom. I know rumors have been going around about Finn being SS's son, I don't think this is entiarly true because if Susan was let's say 25 and Finn is 14 that would mean Susan would be 11 when she had Finn...gross? She may be Finn's sister, but there is a slim chance. Susn strong isn't the prettiest and smartest woman in Ooo and could also be a contributing factor in why she isn't shipped with my single boy Finny. Also, Finn did say in his little song about Susan that she "turned his heart on"....what do ya think this means my people...DISCUSS!

Should Finn be shipped with Susan Strong?

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Here are some pictures so you may think about it...