27 here!

So, big news everyone! The 100th episode will air in two weeks or September 10. I have been thinking of what this episode may be and I have some predictions dudes!

1st prediction: okay so we don't know when lady will have her babies, but I think it will be this episode because jake has to make a tough decision about living with Finn and adventuring with him like old times or become a man and a dad, maybe lady will move in with them?

2nd prediction: this episode was oringunally named Prince Huge, so I'm kinda doubting the 1st prediction. So, I have another idea: Finn, Fp, and PB. Finn making his hard...easy decision about his relationship with FP. Maybe a breakup????? Prince Huge could be when FP calls him prince or something....but I'm not sure. The titles don't usually go with the episodes...could be why they dropped the title. This wouldn't be like a burning low....

So now for a poll:

Which prediction do you think will happen?

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