heyy 27finsprincess here!

Okay, serious talk.I know he just got away from this subject but we need to talk about this. It's urgent...

Since the whole "issue" about a week ago EVERYBODY has left all my friends and now I feel like I'm new or something on this wiki. NO ONE goes on this wiki anymore and it pretty much stinks. I feel like no one wants to be on here anymore...i feel like the only person.

Here's some people that left who didn't get banned:

  • Demon X
  • Marceline
  • Konmaster
  • anyone who left during the past week
  • Prinzreiner
  • I'll make this list longer when I'm not exhausted, but these where some of my amazing friends

If any of you guys see this blog post please come back things are getting better! The kids who got banned are WCs and are going to make new accounts. It's getting better you guys just pleeeeease come back I miss you guys so much :)

Add more people if you know anymore who left during the past week please!!

Who wants these people to come back???

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