lets talk about adventure time and not fight because it is called AT wiki for a reason and not fighting/troll wiki.

btw~if you what to make a fighting wiki be my guest...even though they may already have one........

everybody MUST know the first time and/or they where introduced to AT because it exploded your mind into a million shattering pieces when you saw the brotherly love between these two lovable adventurers and their amazing and funny friends and foes.

But seriously if you really are obbsessed with AT (or like it) you would resppond to this because I hope you know the first time you saw these beautious faces.


MY FIRST AT MEMORY: me and my boyfriend watched AT on halloween in 2011, over my friends house after trick or treating and I loved it, we where laughing the whole time. (and kissed like 3 times) The three other friends where like omg this show is actually pretty funny!! The episode I watched was Prisoners of Love and The Encirinion! Even though we broke up 2 months later I still watch AT and is still and always will be my favorite show :) and he still wears his shirt that has jake on it and says, "Hey! I'm on a shirt!" lol gooood timesss