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leaving for 2 weeks :(

hey...a sad 27finnsprincess here :/

Its true guys...I'm leaving for two whole weeks, due to a new job, camp, basketball, and softball. Its a new school year in which I'm starting highschool and all my sports are on the line. I also need money for textboks so i got a job. And camp doesn't allow cell phones, so no internet...OR NEW ADVENTURE TIME! *sighs* So, I got to say bye bye to relaxing summer and hello high school. But my buddies (you guys) need to promise me something. TELL ME EVERYTHING when I come back on Aug. 12th...and I mean everything guys!! Send me a message on my talkpage or comment on this blog this way I can see the awesomeness that has been happening on this wiki. BTW you are all are amazing and will be in my thoughts :D You guys are a hilarious, fun, and smart group of people that are always so nice...totally math. I couldn't have had it better!!

WAIT...before I go I want to make a poll too :)

random questions :3

The poll was created at 23:03 on July 31, 2012, and so far 5 people voted.

Thank you guys for reading!!!!! I'll be back soon :D Just don't forget me...OKAY??

PS...Burning Low was amazing, best episode YET. My heart was beating so fast at the end. And Bubblegum IS jealous!! OMG...well I think she is I don't know. I feel bad for Finn too, he got so burnt! haha okay, this isnt a BL blog. Got to gooooo...

180px-HNI 0085

bye guys ^-^

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