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  • 870you


    March 7, 2013 by 870you

    dogz? money ]dogs halleljuhah

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  • 870you

    adventure time?

    August 9, 2012 by 870you

    FAN Fiction :P not about the Lich.

    "Finn! Finn come on wake up buddy the Lich is back!" Finn wakes up and sees Jakes scared face. "AH! Jake i said stop watching me while i sleep!" Finn yelled. "Dude the Lich is back!" Jake said "But-but how? I thought we defeated him!" Finn said getting up from bed. "Nah dude Pepperment butler went out cause Lemongrab came and he was trying to get to Princess Bubblegum when the snail he was holding exploded into the Lich!" Jake yelled. " Stop messing with me man." Finn says getting back into bed. "No Finn i'm not kidding come look outside the Lich has destroyed most of Candy Kingdom looking for Princess Bubblegum!" Jake screamed. "I thought the lich wanted to destroy the world or something." Finn said skep…

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  • 870you

    draw time

    August 8, 2012 by 870you

    ok there about 5 other blogs about drawing for you guys and i know thats alot but imma artist i gots alot of spare time and now that everyone wants something drawn for themselves ill help disperse the calamity. I'll do most things ill get down to specifics when the specifics are asked for and i do not draw words. i can write but wy words might as well be scribles. cant right the best. almost draws the best. so any requests first come first serve i can put backgrounds highlights and i cannot draw ALOT of detail the drawings. idk if itsa a person a cat or just a sunset ill draw it k?

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  • 870you

    profile contest part 2

    August 8, 2012 by 870you

    so M180 is gone but the profile contest will still go on!

    The rules are simple: must enter between now and october first must have at least one picture (not in cluding your avatar) and have at least one username (just beacause im a contest host does not mean i cannot be random). Once you enter you cannot change your profile or avatar until allowed.

    First 20 ppl will be entered then i will take out 10 the final ten will then the semi-finalists will be allowed to change their profile and avatar accordingly. The 10 will be put in a poll the 3 with the highest votes will be sent to the finals they can change the profile another poll and we have the winer.

    Challenge ON! CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! Ill return to earth to check evry once in a while. *rides …

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  • 870you

    The Harbor

    July 25, 2012 by 870you

    This is The Harbor with all the ships. With these new episodes lets see wich set sail shall we?

    These are all the ships right now! I'll add more later. Try to vote for each poll!

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