this is a fan fic written by meee!!! i hope you enjoy!! ^.^ Finn and Flame Princess were eating at Le Fancy Resturant when Finn popped the question..... "Flame Princess, we've been together for a good 4 years and, well, i think its time now, so, Flame Princess, will you marry me?" said Finn in a calm but hesitant voice. Flame Princess, who didnt hesitate for a second nearly shouted yes. Finn hugged her and his suit caught on fire. but he didnt mind because he was used to it. when Finn got home Jake was watching a movie with Lady Ranicorn. Lady Ranicorn could now be translated to English because on their last adventure, Finn and Jake found gold and used it on lady for a hi-tec translator, the Translator 3000. "hey bro, jake said,how was dinner with Flame Princess?" Finn replied, "IM GETTING MARRIED!!!" Jake's jaw dropped,"no way, congratz!!!!" "I need to talk to Flame Princess tomorrow to plan everything, i want the wedding to be A.S.A.P!!" Finn said. The next morning Finn rushed to Flame Princesses house. they sat at the table and started talking about it. "we should have a chocolate cake with buttercream icing" said Flame Princess. "yum" said Finn. they made the wedding 2 weeks from that day, Flame Princess already had picked out her dress, fireproof, white, and covered in flowers. Finn and Flame princess were writing the invitations one to every person in Ooo. 1 week later everything for the wedding was complete, even their honeymoon had been booked. they just had to wait another week. It seemed like forever but the day of the wedding was here. Flame Princess had her white dress on and Finn looked sharp with his tux on. When it was time for everybody to go to the ceremony, Princess Bubblegum was the only one not knowing about the wedding, because she hadn't gotten the mail recently. She said to Mr. Cupcake, "Where are you going?" and he replied, "Haven't you heard? Finn and Flame Princess are getting married." Princess Bubblegum had a mixture of expressions on her face that showed sadness, anger, worry, and fear. Princess Bubblegum whispered, while crying, "We're doomed..."