aka OC

  • I live in the Philippines
  • I was born on September 6
  • My occupation is AT Wikia Contributor
  • I am a loner
  • ADarkSide0125

    Hello. This is ADarkSide0125.

    You might know me as the user who has essentially no friends on this wiki. However, my main goal is to make this wiki a better place.

    I have some suggestions for this wiki, but please don't criticize me for it. I'm not starting a rebellion or anything.I just want this wiki to become the best wiki it can ever be.

    This blog is preliminarily the first blog I made, so don't be too harsh this and too harsh that. I have compiled several problems I have noticed after scouring and stalking blogs, forums and user talk page; and modifications that I wish could be implemented, and I'm here in order to express my opinions and propose some solutions for some of them.

    This blog will be written in an action plan formula:

    Title (f…

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