If you've been wanting to make a Finn sword, but you're just not sure how, then I hope that this helps. I will admit that this is not the best looking Finn sword, but I think that it is the easiest way to make one.

All of the tools and materials you may need can be found at places like Hobby Lobby. The foam board that I used was from Dollar General and cost a little over 2 dollars for a large sheet.

Tools you will need- scissors, hotglue gun, exacto knife

Materials you will need- cardboard, hotglue sticks, black fabric paint(optional), 1/4 inch foam board, black string or electrical tape, one toilet paperless toilet paper roll, ductape, red paper or in my case red foam, 2 bamboo skewers or something similar like toothpics, yellow covering for the blade( i used 2 yellow folders), but a roll of yellow foam is good

Step 1-Take your cardboard and cut out a rectangle that is 2.5 inches wide and 20 inches long.

Step 2- Take your foam board and cut out 2 rectangles about 6 inches long and 3 inches wide. Next hotglue the two rectangles together, one on top of the other.

Step 3- Now take the cardboard rectangle for the blade, try to stick 2 skewers or toothpicks into the bottom of the blade, one on the left one on the right near the center. Hotglue these 2 in place.

Step 4- Take your foam rectangle and cut it into a skinny diamond-like shape, keep in mind to leave space on the foam for your blade.

Step 5- Now poke 2 small holes in the top of your foam diamond, and slide the blade on by putting the toothpicks or skewers into the 2 holes, while securing the blade with hotglue. These skewers or toothpicks will help your blade from falling off or leaning.

Step 6- Take the toilet paper tube and make it skinnier. You can do this by simply cutting the tube to where it is like a rectangle, and then roll it up tighter and hotglue it back shut.

Step 7- Now take either your black string or electrical tape and wrap it completely around the tube. If using string or yarn, simply secure one end to the bottom of the tube with hotglue, wind the string around it and secure with hotglue at the top.

Step 8- Now cut a small circle of cardboard and glue it to the bottom of your handle to cover the open end of the tube. Cover the circle with black string or electrical tape as well.

Step 9- Next trace a circle about 2" wide onto a separate piece of foam board. Cut out the circle and paint it with black fabric paint. You do not have to use fabric paint but I think it gives the illusion of wood.

Step 10- After the circle has dried, cut out 2 red circles from red construction paper. I used a 50 cent piece to trace my circles. Hotglue these circles on each side of your black foam circle.

Step 11- Secure the black circle to the bottom of your handle with hotglue, and hotglue the top of your handle to the bottom of your foam diamond that is connected to the blade. You may use toothpicks to strengthen the handle.

Step 12- Now take your yellow covering, I used 2 yellow folders, but almost anything should work. Cut out 2 large rectangles of yellow covering, and hot glue them to each side of the blade. Then cut off the excess, making sure that you covered the sides of your blade. Then using a ruler or straight edge, draw the angles for the point on your blade, and cut across these lines removing the excess cardboard. The end of your point will be showing cardboard, you can cover this up by glueing to thin strips of your yellow material over the exposed cardboard.

Step 13- Next take small strips of ductape and use them to cover the handle, but leave some of the black showing.

Step 14- Paint the diamond base of your sword with black fabric paint.

Step 15- You can add the chips to the edge of the blade by using scissors if you want to. I chose not to, and I say that its the sword in the episode "Business Time" where the blade was fixed.

Here is a picture of what the sword and handle should look like when you're done.

If there are any questions or anything unclear please feel free to ask.

Snapshot 20120521 20

This is how the sword should look, unless you want to add the chips on the blade.

Snapshot 20120522

This is how the handle should look.