Hello people!  I came up with a great idea for either the final episode of Adventure Time or for the Adventure Time movie!  Check it out and tell me what you think!


So Ice King is starting to be obsessed with finding a way to meet Fionna, Cake, Marshall, Gumball, and every other gender-swapped character.  So he learns about Prismo in the time cube and how he can grant any wish. So goes to his the past room and looks through old pictures.  He finds a picture of him as Simon holding the Enchiridion and remembers where he found it.  He was searching and found a dungeon where- in the final room- were atleast 10 exact copies of the book.  So he goes to where it was and gets another copy of the book after facing many dangers in the dungeon.  When leaving, a final booby trap is activated and the entire dungeon falls apart and the books are destroyed.  When he returns, he eventually opens the portal.  He goes through and meets Prismo.  He wishes that all the characters from his Fionna and Cake fan-fiction are now real.  When he goes back to Ooo, all the characters are real and there!  Fionna, Cake, Gumball, Marshall, Flame Prince, Ice Queen, Lumpy Space Prince, Lord Monicromicorn... all of them are REAL LIVING BEINGS!  But you see, the soul of the Lich is disturbed becuase that dungeon is where his spirit roamed, trying to find a way to get back to Prismo.  So the spirit opens the Nightosphere and demons start pouring out.  They attack Ooo, and there's only one thing to do.  Our heroes and their gender-swapped versions have to team up and save Ooo from the wrath of the Liches spirit and Nightosphere demons.  In the end, they defeat the Lich and Demons using Billy's sword and Finn's sweater.  And all in Ooo is peaceful.  But now the gang of gender-swapped guys are stuck in Ooo, not Aaa.  Sequel????