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AVP3 August 6, 2013 User blog:AVP3

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Hello again everybody!  I saw there is a lot of quizzes on this wiki, so I'm making one.  Here are instructions:

Each of these statements are from a different episode.  You have to tell me what episode each episode is from.


1. "Goodbye, lady."

2. "Uh.  What a wad."

3. "My field of vision!!"

4. "A magic dog?  Nooooooo!!!!"

5. "I'm hurting you because I love you."

6. "Those are my homeboys!"

7. "And here's MY teacup."

8. "We crushed it.  Crushed it!"

9. "I saw it with my...WIZARD EYES!!"

10. "We're kidnappers AND murderers!"

I hope you got them all right. :)

10 outta 10 = AWESOME!!

0 outta 10 = Seriously?  That's sad.

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