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Season 6: What I want to see

AVP3 December 27, 2013 User blog:AVP3

Hey guys.  So now that Season 5 is almost over, here's a list of just some stuff I want to see in Season 6:

  • A return of Me-Mow
  • Finn's origins
  • More Fionna & Cake
  • More about Simon Petrikov
  • Marceline's origins
  • More about Finn and Flame Princess
  • More of Jake's children (not just Jake Jr.)
  • More of Cinnamon Bun and how he's doing in Fire Kingdom
  • Get rid of the Lich once and for all

So that's just some of the stuff I want to see in the next season.  Do you agree with me or wish none of this is brought up or done in the next season?

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