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    December 1, 2012 by A Nerdy Princess

    So...I'm kind of scared of posting this because I'm afraid you guys are going to judge me or explode... but I want to get a point across

    There's a reason I don't ship Bubbline, and I would rather explain this in a blog post rather than a comment in a fan-war so that everything  can be in the same place.

    To start off it's not because PB and Marcy are both girls, I'm fine with that. I was actually really excited when I found out that the gladiators in that episode with the title I don't feel like trying to spell were gay (I was jumping all over the place at lunch in joy, screaming about it to my Adventure Time fan friends). And since we're on the subject of this, I want to make a pint clear that if either of the two do like the same gender, th…

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    October 27, 2012 by A Nerdy Princess

    OK, so I'm being creativly lazy. Not lazy in a creative way, but being lazy about being creative. I need some help from you guys, because I have faith in you. What king of princesses can I draw??? My mind is blank, and write now all I can think about are whales (long story, popped up in the chat at the wrong time), but what is there? I know once I see a few suggestions I'll be like, OMG!!!! DRAWINGSSSS!!!! So yeah, thanks for your help :)

    A Nerdy Princess (talk) 00:42, October 27, 2012 (UTC)

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  • A Nerdy Princess

    Hello! I just wanted you to know that if anyone wants me to draw something, an OC, a scene, ect., then I'd be happy to! As long as it's not...inappropriate... then yeah, sure. I'd probably sketch it, but if you can wait longer i could draw it on the computer (I might look a bit messy though). If you want to see my work you can check out my page. Ok! So... comment request and stuff. Bye!

    Update School. ARGH! I haven't got any time to do anything D:<

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