So...I'm kind of scared of posting this because I'm afraid you guys are going to judge me or explode... but I want to get a point across

There's a reason I don't ship Bubbline, and I would rather explain this in a blog post rather than a comment in a fan-war so that everything  can be in the same place.

To start off it's not because PB and Marcy are both girls, I'm fine with that. I was actually really excited when I found out that the gladiators in that episode with the title I don't feel like trying to spell were gay (I was jumping all over the place at lunch in joy, screaming about it to my Adventure Time fan friends). And since we're on the subject of this, I want to make a pint clear that if either of the two do like the same gender, that they are bisexual, just so y'all understand this. (Because of Ash and Old Mr. Creampuff).

So now that I have that out of the way, I'd like to actually explain why I don't ship them. (Most of the time I'm going to be talking abut What Was Missing, just to let you know.)

First of all, I really think they were friends. Again, don't judge, but Marcy seems like the kind of person who sticks to whatever point she has. The way I see it, they were friends but Marcy was always a bit judgemental of PB (seeing how rude she was in What Was Missing), and when PB called her out on it, Marcy got overly offended. Sometimes people can be like this, and if the other person was really hurt and doesnt talk to the other person, it really damages everything. I know you will all be like "But what if they were dating while she was being a butt?", well, if they had been dating, I don't believe that the relationship would last long enough to cause what their relationship is now.

Second of all, if there had been something romantic going on, it was probably one sided ("I guess that means you can't judge me anymore"), on Marcy's side, and PB rejected Marcy, which could also be a reason that PB was a bit cooler in the situation.

(I'm only picking on Marcy because of how much more hurt she seemed, and in the way she seemed hurt)

Third of all has nothing to do with the show. I'm actually scared of you guys, not you in particular, you guys are my friends :), but the other shippers who post... fanart... that was one of the reasons the Mathematical video was taken down in the first place. I'm scared that if this does become canon, it will become overwhelming, but please note that this is NOT as important as the other reasons.

I hope you all respect my opinion, and I hope to hear what you think and to clarify my point for you in the comments! :)