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  • I live in a hole, with a computer in it (yes I understand your skepticism)
  • I was born on November 12
  • My occupation is con artist
  • I am a strong, independent women
  • A hero boy named Finn

    Hey guys! It’s officially been 3 years since I joined this Wiki! And I must say, I've enjoyed every day of it ever since. I have watched this Wiki change and evolve over the course of 3 years, I've seen old friends leave without a trace, and I've seen new ones come along, and I've seen some even threaten to suicide… You guys really mean a lot to me, I know most people would say internet friends aren't “real friends”, but I don’t believe that notion for a second, because unlike real friends, I can always count on you guys. And throughout every troll attack, every fandom riot, every shipping argument, and every promotion/demotion dispute, this place still manages to have a wonderful community full of colorful people.

    So in other words, I love…

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  • A hero boy named Finn

    Okay, this IS TECHNICALLY RELEVANT (and if you don't think it is, too bad), so listen up. Some new rules are being made, and these rules threaten ALL OF US. They will not allow audio or floaters on our profiles, as well as only being able to have only a mere 3 images on our profiles. Apparently it's become some users can't access the Wiki on their phone, and even though that sucks, that's a personal problem, it's not fair that everyone has to suffer because of it. They will also edit the user's profiles by force. Seriously? What is this, North Korea? Users should have the right to edit and regulate their own profiles, and no one is going to go on this Wiki anymore if they can't even edit their own profile or upload an image. And plus, almos…

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  • A hero boy named Finn

    Alrighty! So, in this blog, I will reveal some records set by some of our users, more will be added later.

    So let's begin:

    Most popular blog:

    Sumersprkl's Why Flame Princess is a Better Girlfriend for Finn than Bubblegum, with a whopping 3,000 comments!

    Runner up:

    Marcaline's Lesbians of Ooo.

    Most edits:

    Our very own Blugo, with more than 15,000 flippin edits!

    Runner up:

    Felinoel, with over 13,000 edits!

    Most pages created:

    Chubzhac, just look at his profile.

    Runner up:

    Sky, look at his old profile and he has a long list of pages he made.

    Most bans:

    Me. :P

    Runner up:


    First female administrator:

    Fionna! Technically it's Bunai, but she's a maint. admin.

    First user, who has been here the longest:

    Tavi of course.

    Biggest troll:

    None other than Lawli. Nobody c…

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  • A hero boy named Finn

    I didn't really like the last theme song I made, so here's a better version:

    I want to be a great adventurer, like no one ever was.

    To slay evil is my real test,

    To kiss Princesses is my cause,

    I will travel across Ooo,

    Adventuring far and wide,

    For each evil-doer to understand,

    The power that's inside!


    It's you and me,

    Eating apple pie for eternity!


    You're my best friend!

    In this land we must defend,


    A heart so true,

    Our righteousness with pull us through!

    Every trial along the way,

    With mathematical-ness I shall face,

    I will adventure every day,

    To claim my righteous place.

    You high-five me and I'll high-five you!


    Got to lump 'em all, got to lump 'em all!


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  • A hero boy named Finn

    Remember when

    February 13, 2013 by A hero boy named Finn

    Remember when: first joined this Wiki

    ...when AT fandom wasn't annoying or stupid

    ...when users were nice to each other

    ...when relevant blogs were made

    ...when Tavisource, SilverCrono, Toadgamer80, and BladeGuy9 were the only admins

    ...when the trolls made a temporary home here

    ...when Duck On Quack went on a vandalism rampage

    ...when Lucky Charms didn't have purple horseshoes

    ...when Oreo O's were still around

    ...when the first bronies came here

    ...when almost everyone shipped FinnXPB

    ...when N64's were the quintessence of video game consoles

    ...when Youtube videos didn't have ads

    ...when people listened to real music

    Cause I remember.

    ALSO, if you want to be the new admin, ANSWER THIS QUESTION: I'm thinking of a number between 1 and 500, what is i…

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