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Remember when

Remember when: first joined this Wiki

...when AT fandom wasn't annoying or stupid

...when users were nice to each other

...when relevant blogs were made

...when Tavisource, SilverCrono, Toadgamer80, and BladeGuy9 were the only admins

...when the trolls made a temporary home here

...when Duck On Quack went on a vandalism rampage

...when Lucky Charms didn't have purple horseshoes

...when Oreo O's were still around

...when the first bronies came here

...when almost everyone shipped FinnXPB

...when N64's were the quintessence of video game consoles

...when Youtube videos didn't have ads

...when people listened to real music

Cause I remember.

ALSO, if you want to be the new admin, ANSWER THIS QUESTION: I'm thinking of a number between 1 and 500, what is it?


Answer this riddle: Tell me voyager, what is simple, and yet also a riddle?



But since none of you have gotten the right answers, don't bother.

IKTFB2 (edited)
IKTFB (edited)

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