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  • I was born on December 25
  • My occupation is winner of two Kahoots in a row
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  • AcePhoenix 007

    Yeah so pretty much it's been four years since I joined this wiki (according to Wikia, at least).

    so, how've you guys been lately eh

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  • AcePhoenix 007

    Not sure if this is late news or not, but this was filed yesterday by The Verge. Pendelton Ward quietly stepped down as the showrunner of Adventure Time somewhere in season 5, BUT he will be on the writing/storyboarding crew still. I'm not sure if this is exactly "big news" or not, but yeah, it happened.

    Full report here:

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  • AcePhoenix 007

    October 13, 2012. The day I decided to become a user on Wikia. I remember when I was just a viewer of the wiki. I set a goal for myself when I joined. To edit like a pro. Well, that didn't turn out well XD. But, I really wanted to get to know people. I wanted to make new friends as I didn't have much at the time of my joining. It didn't take to long for me to figure out how weird this place was. I remember mostly all the old people on this wiki that were active then but not now. Some, or a lot of them really, are still active. I remember how much of a noob I was when I joined. I rarely ever talked in chat. Usually, there would be a conversation where I couldn't make heads or tails on what it was about. Or, there would be a topic that would…

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  • AcePhoenix 007

    Time Sandwich synopsis: When Magic Man steals Jake’s delicious sandwich, Finn must defy laws of space and time to get it back.

    What the synopsis should actually be: Finn steals Magic Man's time machine sandwich to go back in time and fix his troubles with Flame Princess.

    So just discuss the episode and other stuff and yeah. Share your thoughts on the episode and maybe say what you originally wanted it to be about.

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  • AcePhoenix 007

    You have honestly got to be kidding me here....

    1. No images on talk page unless its linked from other sites and is for purposes such as preventing vandalism, etc.
    2. No floaters and/or forced audio on User or Talk pages
    3. Only 3 images allowed on user page unless linked form elsewhere

    This wiki is turning into North Korea or some kind of a communist government. I mean these rules are just absurd. How is images on talk pages being vandalism? No music players on user or talk pages is just BEYOND absurd. I myself am a very big music lover. VERY big music lover. I love music down to it's core. No floaters, also crazy. But a limit on FLOATERS would seem fine in my mind. But a bunch of random pics and gifs on a user page isn't really that bad. Like my use…

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