You have honestly got to be kidding me here....

  1. No images on talk page unless its linked from other sites and is for purposes such as preventing vandalism, etc.
  2. No floaters and/or forced audio on User or Talk pages
  3. Only 3 images allowed on user page unless linked form elsewhere

This wiki is turning into North Korea or some kind of a communist government. I mean these rules are just absurd. How is images on talk pages being vandalism? No music players on user or talk pages is just BEYOND absurd. I myself am a very big music lover. VERY big music lover. I love music down to it's core. No floaters, also crazy. But a limit on FLOATERS would seem fine in my mind. But a bunch of random pics and gifs on a user page isn't really that bad. Like my user page is just random crap since I can't really come up with something else good. I really don't think these rules are ANY good whatsoever and whoever came up with these ideas need to see a doctor or should spend a whole day in chat and be active in it. LITERALLY ACTIVE. I... I just really don't know what else to say besides these rules are a whole bunch of baloney.