As we know the series Adventure Time has a lot of secrets with in it that no will know. But this topic has been asked about and played around with and I'm here to sum it up and give my opinion and facts about why there is a big hole in the earth in Advneunture Time. Now whoever is reading this i know you've heard of theorys on how the earth got a hole in it such as: a comet, meteor, and and the mushroom bomb. But I'm here to tell you that all three of those are wrong... in my opinion less so mushroom bomb, but it wasnt a comet because for the first reason I'm pretty sure there aren't any comets that big around us and not just that (this go's for the meteor also) if there was a comet that big it would hit the earth out of the earth's axis and the climate would change because it wouldn't beas close to the sun as it was before. Also I've heard that the mushroom bomb would kill every single living thing on earth if a bomb is that big which is true, but if a comet or meteor was that big and at a super fast speed than the comet or meteor would do the same type of damage just in a different way. Buildings would callapse and millions would die. Now time for the mushroom bomb. If that bomb were to go off at that big of a radius there would be a massive explosion and millions would die. But apperently it didn't because just on bomb wouldn't do that big of an explosion. Which makes beleive that there was more than just one bomb that went off. Because if you pause the Adventure Time intro right at the beginning there are multiple bombs that haven't went off. Which also leaves me to the conclusion that at the time when the bomb went off it wasn't just that bomb. And if you remember in Finn The Human there were multiple puttles of acid and one bomb wouldn't make multiple puttles it would either be one big lake of acid or there would only be one puttle of acid. Which finally leaves to my final conclusion that it was in fact multiple bombs not just one bomb not a comet or a meteor, but more than a bomb.