I'm starting to like Touhou, but I still like Adventure Time ofcourse, I even cosplayed as Marceline last year

I don't have the picture but Sunlight81 might know where it is....

I found out  one of the Touhou characters from this video when I was little

Myomyomyomyomyomyomyon!【1 hour LONG!】01:00:00

Myomyomyomyomyomyomyon!【1 hour LONG!】

Yes, it gave me torture.

Then I found out more Touhou from this song

Bad Apple!! (HQ, Download, English subtitles)-003:40

Bad Apple!! (HQ, Download, English subtitles)-0

and this is where I got my profile pic :)

This is an awesome song

  • This is Flandre in Bad Apple
  • Flan's original picture
  • Flandre from Koumajou Densetsu
  • Flandre and her sister Remilia, their so kawaii
  • This is a Flandre Nendoroid
l show you my favorite character, Flandre Scarlet

P.S Touhou is originally a game